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  1. ehere is that, on the sides of kinetic fields? left or right side? tried looking for you all for alesso/bass jackers/ fedde. just couldnt find u all.
  2. got in this morn. staying @ luxor west tower. plz add me to text group. #305-878-7665. send me a text as well saying your name plz so i can add u
  3. liked that poi throws collab alot, got a couple of really good ideas.
  4. me + ma lady friend. be there all 3 days. can't wait to see you all bringing my gopro (if i can sneak it in!) -DB
  5. EDC Vegas 2012 Lineup.....

    yup yup
  6. EDC Vegas 2012 Lineup.....

    http://www.insomniac.com/art/EDC_WebFlyer632.jpg Look at that artist list. Z O M F G. If you're not there, you're missing out. -DB
  7. EDC 2012 Hotel Megathread

    we gonna do a phone # exchange? what's the roster looking look for who's going?
  8. aldriff is pretty beast mode. not gonna lie.
  9. awesome, glad it helps. it's been about 1.5 months since i made this thread, and my orbitals are pretty clean right now. keep practicing that method, and you'll get the real feel for how an orbital should be! good luck, -DB
  10. i've got about a years experience with handles how about you? -db
  11. READ NOW

    glad you liked it, who was your fav? i thought fatboy slim, justice, and sander van doorn killed it. -db
  12. READ NOW

    justice, fatboy slim, and avicii tonight. dont miss it!!
  13. READ NOW

    youtube.com --> umf tv --> go to the channel --> click feed ---> click todays date. what you get: LIVE stream of ULTRA music festival from miami. BIG NAMES playing live sets. for the line up, go to the ultra web page and check the schedules. AVICII closes tomorrow night. sunday night guetta / armin / kaskade and more play. DONT MISS IT, have fun, and don't forget to spin your sticks as you watch > -DB
  14. yea i figured that out pretty quick
  15. so i've been doing orbitals for over a year now, and i've always sucked at them i was at the point where i could comfortably wrap the strings, pull em apart, but wether or not it did a pretty spin or some jacked up mess was random. until yesterday. if your orbitals aint pretty, try this out: after you wrap the strings around each other, and as you turn to the side, you pull on the strings to create tension. i experimented with PULSING that tension, and the results were awesome. it goes from wrapping at a medium speed (the initial pull), to slowing down for a split second (when you "release" during the pulse), to spinning super fast (when you pull the 2nd time). it also seems to be much more reliable, i don't get nearly as many tangled messes. try it out, and have fun! -db