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  1. ehere is that, on the sides of kinetic fields? left or right side? tried looking for you all for alesso/bass jackers/ fedde. just couldnt find u all.
  2. got in this morn. staying @ luxor west tower. plz add me to text group. #305-878-7665. send me a text as well saying your name plz so i can add u
  3. me + ma lady friend. be there all 3 days. can't wait to see you all bringing my gopro (if i can sneak it in!) -DB
  4. awesome, glad it helps. it's been about 1.5 months since i made this thread, and my orbitals are pretty clean right now. keep practicing that method, and you'll get the real feel for how an orbital should be! good luck, -DB
  5. yea i figured that out pretty quick
  6. so i've been doing orbitals for over a year now, and i've always sucked at them i was at the point where i could comfortably wrap the strings, pull em apart, but wether or not it did a pretty spin or some jacked up mess was random. until yesterday. if your orbitals aint pretty, try this out: after you wrap the strings around each other, and as you turn to the side, you pull on the strings to create tension. i experimented with PULSING that tension, and the results were awesome. it goes from wrapping at a medium speed (the initial pull), to slowing down for a split second (when you "release" during the pulse), to spinning super fast (when you pull the 2nd time). it also seems to be much more reliable, i don't get nearly as many tangled messes. try it out, and have fun! -db
  7. glow stick ban is NOT next. they just don't want kids on e laying on the ground trippin balls. kudos to them for growin a set. they took a step in the right direction knowing that it might hurt the pocket book. looooool plugging. silly kids, leave the drugs at home.
  8. depends on when i'm feeling groovy if i'm into music real deep, i'll string for a couple hours. if i'm not into music on the way home, i won't touch em. on average, about 6 hours a week.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-8K2BjJ85k some old and new. gravy is at the end -db
  10. Started experimenting with btb, alot of work on my crossers (namely 180• spins), and (sadly) watermills (almost 5 months stringing and you'd think i'd have those down >.<). Unfortunately another of my flowlights electrically broke, so all handles progress is on halt
  11. Ultra Music Festival 2011 // All Ages // Dates TBA

    got my tix and airline tix. ill be there, add me to contact list. 3058787665
  12. couldnt send u a message, so:

    I'm trying to get some DFW GSC momentum going, for more info please check out:


    the place i want to do it is in fort worth, so any support from the locals would be a GREAT help.



  13. Texas Member Contact Thread

    I'm moving to texas, should be there wednesday. gonna co own / op a pizza store with a good buddy of mine, so please add me to the contact list for the dallas area ;0 Member Name: DanJBrierton Real Name: Dan Location: Fort Worth Region: Dallas MySpace: facebook.com/danjbrierton Phone: 305-878-7665 i respond to texts and calls Style: newbie stringer GSC Status: Taco Sauce thanks in advance, look forward to meeting the Dallas crew ;P ~dano
  14. Florida Contact Thread!

    Hey Dani, if you could remove me from the thread i'd appreciate it. i'm moving to texas to co own / operate a pizza join with a good buddy. i wish you all the best of luck, ~dano