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  1. ive got a one hand plane changer just trying to work it out till ive got it steady soo i can accually present it
  2. ima put a new clip up soon very soon p.s. off subject ne one on gsc beside me and strobeeffex going to megabuzz in atx?
  3. nicee o.h. editing a 20 min "exploring" session mostly wraps and manipulations though http://www.sendspace.com/file/ci8pa2 http://www.mediafire.com/?34qju09lpj77dxd
  4. yes can be done with one hand btw
  5. okay this is my first time on in a while now im going to make a tut today on some new concepts and suck ive come across no names for them really to complicated and mixed with to many other moves also past due for my one year soo that will be coming as well still working on it! see everyone at spring love at least hope too share some ideas man!!!!
  6. one year at the end of this month gonna be fresh as hell....

  7. hey dude i had some link weave variations persay id like to get some feed back on and since ur the only one ive seen use it i figured u messed with it a lil and had some variations that need help

  8. I AM SOOO DOWN!!!!!!!!! AND EXCITED AS HELL!!!! i would love to submit some stuff with me and fishes ideas or mine at least for sure if thats at all possible! i would post multiple vids with multiple concepts