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  1. Name:Abi' Age:21 Gender:male Location:MD Interests:MMA,money,fun,love,friends,food,games,comics. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:too many/none/project runway. Musical Interest:Dubstep,trance,Dnb,alternative,hiphop,house,ambient. Goal in the next 5 years:have my own place,good credit,stable job and a paid off car. Goal in the next 20 years:who knows?hopefully i'll have obtained unobstructed happiness by then. What turns you on about the opposite sex:depends on their personality. If i had a million dollars I would:give it to my family,pay off my debt and buy a house and car. I am good at:cooking,kickboxing,sewing and being myself. School (if applicable):does MMA school count?! Work (if applicable):carrabbas I am on because:id like to learn how.its a beautiful art.and its something id love to do for the sake of making people feel good. My website/picutures are located:facebook. Describe yourself:tres',trying to find the perfect balance between holding on and letting go. What do you do for fun? go to the time with my loved ones. Random fact about yourself:im manic-depressive. What you did last weekend:went to dub nation with my homie. What you do when you go out:have fun and spend money. Are you in a relationship?yes.and its an adventure i wouldnt trade for the world. Are you looking to be in a relationship? :friendship?sure.