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  1. Oh gawsh i founded yew.

  2. Oh gawsh i founded yew.

  3. Rawr! Tis Lucas buddy! XD

  4. Fairs, Raves, even VBS are all fun to glowstick at!!!

  5. I think you just sent me a friend request on YouTube. lol I accidently found you on here.

  6. Ok apparently alot of people like this and I gotta say, I do too. I think it would be a tremendous way for people to build transitions and combos so I'm all for it. Staff Members should look into it I think.
  7. hey man, i haven't posted videos in ages unfortunately, but this is my youtube channel if you haven't already seen it :)

    any new videos i make will be posted there.

    and thanks for the message. made me smile.