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  1. Broward / Miami - Dade Meet Ups are back!

    Sweet! I hope to make it out there, though it's kinda far. Is it okay to invite others that are not GS.c members or do things besides what's listed? Because I don't know any glowstickers or orbiters. Mostly poists, glovers, and staffs. I've been going to meet-ups/spin jams/flow sessions a lot recently, and there's performers of all kinds. I'm actually a hooper.
  2. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Huh..dunno how legit this is. but it says they have Ulta high-intensity sticks. Is that what I'm looking for? Is there a difference between ultra and high-intensity? I thought they were two different things.. http://www.LEM/product-p/ultrahigh-intensity-glwstk.htm
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Ah, that makes sense too. I just really love that color and how bright they are, but I don't think I can use LEDz for freehanding lol
  4. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I love this video. Are those pink ultras?! Please, PLEASE tell me where to get them?! @__@ They are so beautiful.
  5. i have a secret

    Seems like there's an awful lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding in this thread. It's pretty simple. Keep battling off GS.c. We are a community that does not condone battling. Don't advertise it in a positive attitude. It contradicts what we stand for. Not to mention, it breaks out into controversy and results in flame wars. It's a moot point now. But it would have been better if you had messaged a member. It's great that you felt the need to come clean, and I know you had no bad intentions, but unfortunately for you, battling is not condone here. So..don't be upset or feel slandered when you walked right into it. I'm sorry you felt that way, but you're in a domain where we feel opposed to battling. You are definitely going to have members who disagree with you here, some moreso than others. But from now on, just keep the battling and any mention of it off of GS.c public forums. Battling culture is not what we want to spread and not what we want new members to see. Feel free to do it anywhere else, but NOT in our community, our website, our forums, our sanctuary dedicated to our culture and our views of the art of glowsticking. Just keep that in mind next time you think about posting anything in relation to battling. We're not saying you can't battle and we dislike you. We wish you weren't battling, but it's your choice. We're saying you can't battle or bring any of that here to GS.c.
  6. Ack! It got cut off..

    But yea, if you have any questions, pm me or an admin..or even hop into the tinychat room. There's a tab on the top of the forum that takes you to it :)

  7. Hey! Welcome to GS.c :) We're a really awesome community!

    While you're here there's two things you should check out:

    -check out the culture forums to understand our rules. The pinned explain what we're about.

    -and then the newbie board. Introduce yourself!

    If you have any quest...

  8. It may be sweet to share a bed, but you're already fucking with my head.

  9. i have a secret

    U4ia, you should respond to the admin, Photon, instead of the other members. You haven't addressed Photon and his questions. And if you have any questions about the culture or the rules or anything, you can address him or a much older member. Here or in PM. This thread might be locked soon, before it escalates even further.
  10. i have a secret

    Well, we can't choose for him. It's all up to him on what he wants to do. He said he loves GS.c and it might be a phase, so who knows? And you're definitely right about PMing an admin instead..even though none are around that often. That's what I was kinda trying to get at. If you want to talk about battling, don't do it on the public forums. People will get up in arms, controversy breaks out, and what GS.c stands for begins to look muddy with all these mixed opinions from all across the board and even outside of it.
  11. Your profile picture is really fucking awesome.

  12. i have a secret

    I don't understand why it's so hard to just keep battling off the forums.. I mentioned something about battling once in a weird context I guess on another thread a while back, I'm not even a battler, and I got heat for it. Basically, I was told not to mention battling on the forums because that's what our new people see, and we don't want them to associate GS.c with battling or promote the battling culture. Especially since we're a site that does not condone and strongly oppose it. And that makes sense to me now. GS.c is our sanctuary. Go do whatever you want to do in regards to battling. But keep it off of here. No one is trying to change you. No one hates you. Some people will get frustrated or heated with their words, someone people will say ignore it. This topic pops up quite often, so people get tired of explaining. But I'm going to keep saying it, calmly and as clearly as I can convey it. Just keep all things related to battling off of here. Don't promote it, don't talk about it. Take it somewhere else.
  13. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Weird, there were A LOT of people after that 'thread'. Sparrow gave us the whole history of performance arts and GS.c But yea, I would sit in the TC room too, but like you said, it boots you after 10 minutes :< I think people are generally a little more busy during the week? I mean, I know I am with work, school and studying.
  14. Females are really weird and complicated. I'm a female and I think that of A LOT of other females. I mean..if that chick really attempted suicide after being asked out, she has issues of her own. I'm not really sure what advice you're asking for or if you're just venting.. But don't let it get to you. I know it's easier said than done, but you gotta try. You're only in your second semester of college, so take it easy. Focus on your work mostly, and maybe join a few clubs that interest you. We have a poi/fire performance club here at FAU. I met a lot of cool people in the College Gaming League. I meet someone new everyday when I go to the student union. And I try to go to football games or campus events with friends. So give those a shot, maybe? College is the best place for meeting new people, I think.
  15. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Yeaaaa, lots of selfies :S I might have some photos that are more relevant. But it's a mix of LED hoop, poi and glowsticks. I like how the album says 'a little bit of me' when there's actually a lot.