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  1. Posting a status here because I haven't in a year.... Hey that rhymes

    1. Noqturnal


      Replying to your status because more people need to use this shit. GSC is 1000x better than facebook.

  2. Going to my first real event today... super excited

  3. cant send you a message for some reason? anyways, i'm dan, a new stringer in kendall. if you guys every wanna do a meet up, hit me up. 3058787665, i respond to text and calls. there's a drum circle on Wednesday the 19th (jan) in south beach at collins and between 79th and 85th st (on the sand), i'll be there and i'm trying to get more people to come, and you are invited!

  4. Wishing i could go to 1up tonight... :[

  5. Learned the orbital. SUCCESS ^_^

  6. Just got Inovas, new strings, and starcraft 2. I'm Happy ^_^

  7. Needin new glowsticks D: