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  1. Name: Daniel (Dakorus online) Age: 14 Gender: Male Location: Sydney, Australia Interests: if i like what i see or hear then im interested XD Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: im always on the computer lol im a nerd :L Musical Interest: depends on my mood Goal in the next 5 years: to be really good at glowstringing Goal in the next 20 years: to be married to my GF What turns you on about the opposite sex: their hair, eyes and shape If i had a million dollars I would: throw a free party and string the night away I am good at: games and hopefully stringing School (if applicable): year 9 Work (if applicable): want a job but cbf I am on glowsticking.com because: i want to learn how to string and share my thoughts My website/picutures are located: Facebook Describe yourself: i guess im pretty laid back but when i wanna do something i do it with great obsession What do you do for fun? play games and chill Random fact about yourself: im very loud at times What you did last weekend: play games and listen to music What yo do when you go out: go to a friends house Are you in a relationship? sure am <3 Are you looking to be in a relationship? ive got my one and only