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  1. There aren't many glowstickers in my area, so most of the people who ask to use them are people who have never done it before and just wanna try it out. I always let them try and I'll teach them a little, usually they always ask about the culture after they hit themselves a couple of times and give them back. I would never loan a pair of ultras, just because i have so few and they are only birght for 5 mins and last maybe an hour later. I'm amazed how many people who have never done it will listen to me talk about it while I string.
  2. Hey GSC members! I've recently been messing around with glowchucks and it seems to me that all it is is a more restricted type of stringing. Spirals and string manips are harder. Are there any tricks that are specific to glowchucking that you can't do with regular stringing? Any tricks would be appreciated.
  3. Never thought of doing three strings, really nice, the bicep wraps mixed with the arm wrap was nice. I also especially liked the fountain with three strings.
  4. I figured out how to get into every move from a weave, and how to get from each move into a weave. I feel like learning the turns from forward and reverse weaves really helped me connect my moves together. I would also get into stuff from spirals. Then you could learn the windmill and fountains. I love going from fountains into wraps and then spirals and then whatever happens next.
  5. You've been stringing long than me, but I feel the best thing I've been doing to get out of this is just messing around with my glowsticks and then I find combos I like or new ways to get in and out of moves. This technique works wonders
  6. Nice man, I like that spin thing where you cross your arms and back. You have a good routine going there, keep it up!
  7. <P>Thanks guys! and Jebsax, I watch meenik's vids too. lol. That's where I've learned most of my moves. I'm gonna attempt the wallplane weave and I'll see how that goes.</P>
  8. Ok, so I've gotten to the point where i want to start learning behind the back stuff. I'm trying to start with the weave and maybe some wraps. I think my main problem with the weave is getting my planes weave like and not hitting myself. Any tips??
  9. A four beat weave, or really any even number weave are not really used in glowstringing. If you could incorporate one into a routine it might be cool, but they are generally unused. I think being able to do it is more of a test of your spin control and just being able to do it. There's also a six beat weave, but it's not the prettiest weave. And I don't think I've ever seen an eight beave weave, though I'm sure it's possible.
  10. I around Overland and St. Ann area. I haven't gone to any St. Louis events yet, but I hope to in the future.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I figured out the weave before you guys posted, but I'm sure this stuff will help.
  12. Ok, I've been attempting to learn the 5 beat weave, I've watched tons of videos on how to do it but I can't seem to get it right. I seem to be losing momentum when I go from my right side to my left side and I don't think I am getting the right amount of beats half the time. Could anyone give me some tips or anything so I can start making some progress?
  13. No problem mate, that's what this site is for!
  14. Welcome to the site! And just to reitorate what everyone else has been saying, glowsticking is about the joy of the art, not being the best in the world. That's one of the main values we as glowstickers share. So just have some fun and nice to meet you!
  15. Je parle francais aussi, mai je suis americain. Je etudie le francais en ecole. Mon francais est horrible aussi. Comment est-ce que on dit "glowsticking" en francais? lol.