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  1. Holy Bullocks man. That was amazing O.o
  2. haha, lol. Sounds like me

  3. College, slacking, and chilling lol

  4. What you been up to lately?

  5. So I read the move descriptions before watching the video and when I read the one-hand to koren yo-yo I was puzzled. Then finally i watched the video and was mind fucked. Not at all what I thought it would be. It was so clean and fluid You sir are a wizard.
  6. Sparrow....dem moufpins too legit man. Loved that flower plane change thing....also that knee pin sequence reminds me of something I have been working on as well. Great stuff BTW: Happy 69 (insert bad 69 joke here)
  7. Straight jackets and UTL crossers. I swear I spent countless hours and bruises attempting these ><
  8. The shit guys have been posting here is blowing my mind
  9. .... I can dig it. Is it possible to do it with your leg btb? As in instead of your judo chop just kick it out with your foot or shin (if that makes any sense).
  10. Stringing instead of sleeping is always best right? Right?

  11. Very very nice, I was already playing with butterfly bounces like 15 mins before watching this lol. Also great songs in the back