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  1. haha, lol. Sounds like me

  2. College, slacking, and chilling lol

  3. What you been up to lately?

  4. Straight jackets and UTL crossers. I swear I spent countless hours and bruises attempting these ><
  5. Stringing instead of sleeping is always best right? Right?

  6. Dude you are an awesome stringer man! I love your style and just how much flow you have

  7. Awesome Handles Tutorial, it is helping me so much man

  8. Name: Andrew ( Can call me whatever, most people call me Brit or EmoChild) Age: 16 Gender: Male Location: Hell (The USA) Interests: Listen to music, Travel, Glowstring, Rock it Out, Chill, Cooking Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Changes alot Musical Interest: Rock and starting to get into Trance and Dubstep Goal in the next 5 years: be in culinary school Goal in the next 20 years: Own an awarded resturant What turns you on about the opposite sex: depends If i had a million dollars I would: Idk, probably fix alotta of the problems people I know are having I am good at: Cooking and I would like to think glowstringing School (if applicable): school is school Work (if applicable): none I am on glowsticking.com because: I like to glowstick and want to be apart of the community My website/picutures are located: facebook Describe yourself: Chill, if you want more ask me more lol What do you do for fun? hang out with my buddies and listen to music and now glowstring Random fact about yourself: I am an insominac What you did last weekend: Raved What yo do when you go out: Hang with my friends Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? Yes,