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  1. Cant let you see EVERYTHING can I ;D And yeah they are supposed to just spin in my palm, but the weight changed the center of spin and made it look all kinds of fucked up. glad you liked those shotguns
  2. It will probably be a while before anyone notices this here but here ya go. A submission to the tech blog
  3. Hoooooly tits I just came through a time warp. Finals man... fuck anywho, I'll post up a video here soon showing everything i've been working on. it will be private and I'm only posting it to this thread. It won't be very flow-y because i'm trying to get the concepts across.
  4. i do the flourishes a COMPLETELY different way. Ima post a vid on how i do em, Hopefully you like em
  5. I love that you think of me <3 and yeah i've already tried to find some ways.
  6. I finally figured out those flourishes. Gonna try to find ways to use em in everything
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DhUQEST40o new video And holy crap I am so behind. I'll get to watching the last two videos as soon as they stop downloading. i haven't been coming to the site due to it still being in shambles. D:
  8. Yeah those uper superman fountain things. I did those innnnnn this little video right 'chere all those wraps when you were doing normal supermans blew me away. I have something similar to that exploration except it goes from both sides, and one is off my neck. It all starts with a Fantasic Four and then I wrap to reverse it/cancel it
  9. I'm so glad to see this site back up Got a new phone which means bad ass new camera. Expect some stuff from me after finals.
  10. so, i guess im just lettin you know that my buddys gunna be sunbmitting for the halloween collab. he never gets online.. but im filming him soo. uh, yeah. that ccol?

  11. also that sj pendulum stuff is stolen. By me, from you. Also that one handed butter'fluck thing