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  1. Cant let you see EVERYTHING can I ;D And yeah they are supposed to just spin in my palm, but the weight changed the center of spin and made it look all kinds of fucked up. glad you liked those shotguns
  2. It will probably be a while before anyone notices this here but here ya go. A submission to the tech blog
  3. Hoooooly tits I just came through a time warp. Finals man... fuck anywho, I'll post up a video here soon showing everything i've been working on. it will be private and I'm only posting it to this thread. It won't be very flow-y because i'm trying to get the concepts across.
  4. i do the flourishes a COMPLETELY different way. Ima post a vid on how i do em, Hopefully you like em
  5. I love that you think of me <3 and yeah i've already tried to find some ways.
  6. I finally figured out those flourishes. Gonna try to find ways to use em in everything
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DhUQEST40o new video And holy crap I am so behind. I'll get to watching the last two videos as soon as they stop downloading. i haven't been coming to the site due to it still being in shambles. D:
  8. WELLP My top 5 is going to go chronologically of who gave me inspiration first. Yes, I am still inspired by them. First to inspire was Melvenorc12 because...well his speed is impeccable. His manips were always so complex and yet he did them with ease at speeds to where you thought he was the missing link between god and man. Second was Syphonkiller, Loved his style. What inspired me with him was just the quality of the videos he made. To make everything short and too the point, and yet not letting the quality suffer one bit. Flow out the ass with this guy. Third was Badkaraoke. FIrst vid i saw was this It just blew me away with flow level. He inspired me to flow with shit not only in my technique, but with my body.... which I still suck at Fourth was Bxcommando, He inspired me to do manipulations most of the goddamned time; and now I can't stop D: Its actually become a problem because I can't take time to find new wrap combos or poi combos/hybrids. Favorite video was his 1.5 stuff he does in that vid are still considered to be top-of-the-line concepts that he only recently showed me and I'm still like "dafuq". And to think he was doing that near 2 years ago just tells me how ahead of the curve this kid is. Fifth is Suzume. I mean... damn he just won't stop. His mind, it is constantly shitting all over the internet with ideas and concepts and concepts of concepts and Ideas. GOD DAMN i wish I had his brain. He inspired me to keep practicing because, eventually, you'll run into something. Which to this day, never fails. honorable mentions go to AfroNitr0 for kicking my ass into gear with flow(that sucks again .~.), Guinto for being the guy who gets EVERY stringer started. Xodiac for his 3 string shiznaz. Hind3 for his poi-stringing, and WyattDavisSpinsPoi (youtube channel, go check him out, hes cool as phuck) for his tech poi concepts. And (will i get banned for this?! ) Marvin Ong for being one of the chillest dudes I have ever met when it came to spinning. He got me to start trying clubs and contact poi, which is where most of my time goes now a days.
  9. Yeah those uper superman fountain things. I did those innnnnn this little video right 'chere all those wraps when you were doing normal supermans blew me away. I have something similar to that exploration except it goes from both sides, and one is off my neck. It all starts with a Fantasic Four and then I wrap to reverse it/cancel it
  10. I'm so glad to see this site back up Got a new phone which means bad ass new camera. Expect some stuff from me after finals.
  11. GSC Haunted Collab 5

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