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  1. I'm tired

    I have not heard of any meetups between them. :/ there aren't any meetups like Texas, Utah, or the east coast...well, just not as often. But yeah the EDM scene here is AMAZING! luckily so cal will always have loyal promoters like insomniac that will always host events here for most of the year.
  2. I'm tired

    Hi Been off my comp since it died so I haven't been able to praticipate As for what the young lady put in, I remember I used to think "to each their own" but if you think that way and you ignore what happens around you then things tend to get out of the drama that battling tends to cause. The simple act f battling is not just about the "better show". They're also tossing their egos into the mix and feelings tend to get hurt. There is no denying their incredible progress but some people don't agree with the act of battling. That is why some members are here. But just because we don't agree with each other doesn't mean we should talk smack the way some people do. And as for the problem causers.....I have to say that southern California doesnt really cause problems because we don't really have a scene. Did I go off topic? @_@
  3. I'm tired

    I guess I can say I'm sort of guilty? All I ever do is just question things...and when things don't make sense or add up I question them a bit more. I just want to know WHY and get answers. But most of the time those end up in debates. But sometimes that's the only way to get peoples true thoughts out as long as it remains respectful. Personally, I'm done with it. lol I just don't care anymore and will not post in tech glowstringing unless it's glowstringing related.
  4. All of this.....this is a goldmine of information.... Let me catch up to you guys and I'll start adding (if I can)
  5. I'm tired

    Well, there will be people like that everywhere. It was my choice to surround myself with them and now it is my choice to surround myself with the people here. haha C'est la vie!
  6. I'm tired

    To add to this, about 80-90% of Texans in the groups seem to hate GSC. And when they bash...they bash hard. It's THAT attitude that I hate. That they find it ok to bash a group that goes against their beliefs but when you even take a stand against theirs. Heck, all you have to do is DISAGREE and there is drama. That's pretty unfair in my opinion and I can't stand even talking to people like that.
  7. I'm tired

    Psh, I bet you tell that to all the new people that come around. If you want something that will work, offer cookies! xD
  8. I'm tired

    Hey! You found me on Facebook O_O
  9. I'm tired

    I'm sorry to say but there hasn't been any mutual understanding for quite sometime. :\ There was a big drama over some crews in Texas that travelled from GSR (glowstringing revolution) to ISL (international stringing league) and then ended up In Tech glowstringing. Lol there hasn't been much concept or move sharing but there are videos sometimes. Lol
  10. I'm tired

    Haha dont worry, I won't bring this up again. And I learned my lesson about posting there as well. They will only be resources at this point. Thank you for that
  11. I'm tired

    God forbid you bring Texas into any arguments on fb. lol They claim to be humble but when you challenge their pride they will ALWAYS be the first to say they're the best. Never ever seen any stringer, or group of them, say they're better than anyone else...except Texans. lol
  12. I'm tired

    THIS!!! OH GOD THIS!!! I'm in all kinds of glowstringing groups...stalking...watching. Not very many videos shared but plenty of opinions shot around and GSC is ALWAYS the scapegoat for whenever they either lose an argument or you disagree with them in general. "Oh you don't like battling? You must be from GSC, they're stringing nazis" Seriously, fuck that. I hate the "whos better" or battling side of ANYTHING. It's the reason I left shuffling (I used to shuffle before I started stringing) in the first place. I was fine practicing on my own for about 2 years until I found those glowstringing groups. They've only helped to discourage me from stringing in general. So I ran here, the place they hated, and apparently the place with people that care about stringing as an art. P.S. You guys spammed my inbox with notifications. xD
  13. I'm tired

    Haha I wrote this semi-frustrated from a song on guitar hero and then went on Tech Glowstringing to see an argument...then I wrote this. xD I'm fine with people having different views...but when they're flaunted in front of your face as if it were normal and when you go against the flow you get shot down for it. Whatever. lol And thanks! I'll keep a window open for GSC forever now. xD
  14. I'm tired

    Ok, just had to say this, I'm TIRED of glowstringing groups on facebook. I'm TIRED of saying that battles are overrated and being the best is overrated to people that constantly throw it in your face (directly or indirectly). I'm tired of the cocky and self righteous attitudes that people meet your beliefs with if they go against the norm. I'm sticking around there even any life around here recently?