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  1. got demos pull part now after praticing it for a few minutes... I'll post up an addition once I get time to film unless someone else goes first.
  2. I got something to add but I cant figure out how to make the pull/shot through the pin consistent at all.... like demo defies gravity my shit looks ugly
  3. Here is part 4. Sorry for the iphone some of the footage was a little out of frame, so for the slowdown at the end I stepped back further so you could see the freehand transitions better. My part ends with transition to one hand.. dont have to do one hand but thats what I end with http://youtu.be/IrI7rfbH0DQ
  4. GSC is not dead

  5. Sweet Here's my part. I realize after filming I started in the video with your move wrong direction/wrong direction but all my parts can be done either hand/direction so it doesnt really matter. Youtube didnt save my text for some reason but my part ends with hands crossed at the wrist holding their own sticks. http://youtu.be/On65b4lKbUc
  6. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    In b4 facebook tech glowstringing bashing..... Honestly I feel like most of the drama has died out everywhere including on facebook
  7. This one was pretty tricky it did take a while for me to to figure out for some reason. I would always mess up going back with the crossed over hand back to its original side because my mind would try to put it in front on the return instead of the back where it was supposed to go if that makes sense. Once I figured that little bit out they were super easy. Continuous airwraps were a pia as well. My pain was that I learned orbitals before them so I would always end up doing them instead. Finally sat down for a week and practiced nothing but airwraps with a pair of sock poi and now they are second nature. Still cant do them very well at different places of the body though like over the head and under the leg.