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    First came across it in like 2004 maybe. Was wandering around the internet looking for something more then a silly rave site and wouldn't you know, I found it! I love this site because of the energy, the ideas and of course all the cool ass members.
  1. wow...trips me out to see a comment on here from me on 10/08/2007!

    Havent seen you on here in ages, but I havent been on here much myself.

    Hope all is well and beautiful in your world ms bunne

  2. Thanks for the Happy B-day and the invite! I don't live in SD anymore. I moved back to LA about a year ago. But thanks so much for the invite! Hope you guys have the best time @ your meetup! :D

  3. Happy birthday, come to the SD sonics meet up.

  4. Totally! I've just been getting back into it lately. I don't live in Oceanside anymore. I moved back to LA but email me or hit me up on yahoo. trancebunne/yahoo :) Yay!

  5. Teach me photography! I got my first Dslr. Nikon but I only know how to use a few functions. :o)

  6. nice to meet you too (=

  7. Yep. :) Good to meet you - kinda, sorta anyway. lol

  8. thanks (= I haven't seen you post before! nor have I ever met you. You're an original member arent you? oooh.

  9. Adorable! That's like the cutest profile pic ever. Love it. :)

  10. Hey you! I don't know where I went. Must have fallen down a rabbit hole. ;o)

  11. OMG you're back! Where did you go?

  12. happy birthday ;3 ^^