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  1. Wooo! Mega Electronic Fest! Gonna crack lotsa glowsticks, hehe.

  2. Love you black gurl, haha. <3

  3. Thanks! It's nice to meet you!

  4. Hellooo :) Welcome to GSC again. Hope you start loving it and really get in to it. I log in almost every day so if you need anything feel free to ask. I'm a bit of a newbie too but I'll help in any way I can :D Take care

  5. Tiesto at PR was awesome! Plus got to new videos. :D

  6. Yay! First video, now onwards and foward, hehe.

  7. Yeah made my first video! I'll post it soon.

  8. YEAH! Sticks are here and getting better, hehehe.

  9. Hentai?! Live?! That would take a lot of work and it might appear a bit funny, hahaha.

  10. Name:Emanuel Gutierrez Gonzalez (I know its a mouthful, but if you know Spanish then you are ok, hehe) Age:18 Gender:Male...last I check >.>.....hahaha Location:Puerto Rico Interests: I LOVE MUSIC! I want to learn Freehanding and maybe in a far future Stringing. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Not really read much, and don't watch a lot of tv. But I love the Discovery and History Channel. Musical Interest: ROCK ALL THE WAY! (mostly, hehe) I enjoy almost all kind of music cuz I just love to listen to it, it's my drug. Don't get me wrong, I love techno too, its just that some times I can be a bit picky Goal in the next 5 years: Get my Bachelors degree in Biology and start the Masters degree in Marine Science. And hopeful a Master at Glowsticking, hehe. Goal in the next 20 years: Wauw....20....Have a job, House, Wife, 2 kids, car, God in my heart and Happiness, hehe. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Woow, wierd...haha...Well some times it's the small details, cuz I notice them. My kind of girl is a Smart, Intelectual, Funny, Loving, Caring, Good hearted, with Goals and Friendly. Notice how I left looks for last, because when you meet a person from the inside first their true beauty blossoms to the outside. Trust me, it happened to me, hehe. If i had a million dollars I would:Pay my Mother's and Father's house, car and debts.Help a couple close friends. Save a butt load in the bank and start traveling, hehe. I am good at: Making friends,being tust worthy, playing guitar, and being a good friend. School (if applicable): I'm currently studying to get my Bachelors Degree in Biology, yay Organisms! hehe Work (if applicable): Not yet, but need the Dough, hehehe. I am on because: I really want to start freehanding. My website/picutures are located: I don't know, my pc, hahaha. And Facebook I guess. Describe yourself: Hmm, so hard, I prefer when people describe me, well in any case that someone actually read this here I go. I'm what you can call one of those sensitive guys. I'm the person people trust to tell big secretes and just let go of their thoughts because I love to listen. I'm kind, peaceful, loves to learn and laugh. Live to laugh and laugh to live, thats what I say, hmmm, gotta make that my signature, hehe. Physically I guess you can say I'm fluffy?, hehehe. What do you do for fun? Play guitar, xbox, listen to music, talk random stuff. Random fact about yourself: I still have a few stuffed animals, I don't know, hehe. What you did last weekend: Stayed at my girlfriends house, went to church and celebrated Mothers Day with mah mum, hehe. What yo do when you go out: Be crazy! Ask any of my friends. Are you in a relationship? Yes, thanks to God. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Oh yea totally, hahahah. No btw, kidding, hehe.
  11. Yea if I can add you like a friend I have no efing idea how to, hehe.

  12. Shizzy has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?....Hello....hehehehe ;)