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  1. Am I too late?

    Man the time flies. Here I am 3 years later tripping down nostalgia lane and I can't even remember what video I posted and the account is removed... I ordered some ultras and I'm gonna try to shoot a respectable video soon. Whoever is reading this - I love you guys.
  2. I guess that makes me a no one AND a ghost. For me, glowsticking is something special and I wouldn't bust it out for a quick minute of fame or to win a prize. If you have, you haven't committed some kind of unforgivable crime. I just think there are places where glowsticking fits and places it doesn't fit and recognizing the right and wrong time to glowstick takes maturity. Everything in its right place, yeah? Not everyone's first exposure to glowsticking is in a rave setting but the values held here on this forum are deeply rooted in rave culture which is why we have resources available to help people understand that perspective. Talent shows (especially where prizes are offered) tend to have a competitive nature. I don't vibe like that personally. I just wanna learn how to cut shapes/patterns and teach anyone who is interested in learning the art.
  3. Is anyone still here???

    This video seems like an example of glowsticking in the wrong environment for the wrong reasons. Please see our culture section.
  4. New Wave Here 2 Stay

    I still love you guys.
  5. IT'S ALIVE!

    I'm definitely enjoying the new look. Nice job Dave!
  6. I'm down to Skype on weekends if you're interested. My username is "noqturnal.gsc"
  7. New from Cuba

    Nice dude! I particularly enjoyed your wrap combo from 1:23-1:26. Thanks for posting and welcome back!
  8. Wow it has been a fucking while....

    o_o hi guys
  9. so how's life?

    Started a job in IT working for a pretty progressive company. I'm not certified yet, but part of my job is paid training. Going for my Windows 8.1 MCSA. Any certs I decide to pursue, the company will pay the cost for me to take the exams. In my free time, I'm studying nonstop, playing DotA 2, or practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu. Anyone is welcome to add me on Skype (noqturnal.gsc) or on Steam ( Usually down to spin things or talk about spinning things or play DotA 2 if that's your thing.
  10. Interested in live tutorials? Add me on Skype: "noqturnal.gsc"

  11. GSC is not dead

    sure is lonely in tinychat tho ;'(
  12. GSC is not dead

    not dead
  13. Hello. I'm Noqturnal. I joined this site around 2 years ago and it's great. I love all the resources available for learning and sharing progress. I would not be at the technical level I am today if not for GSC. However, I feel like there is an aspect missing. Sure the combo threads are cool and people critiquing your videos helps you learn, but I think it would be awesome if we could learn from personal instruction. I feel like this was the intended purpose for embedding tinychat in the site, but the problem is that people have different schedules and the chatroom is often empty. Learning new stuff from videos is a fantastic way to excel in glowsticking, but sometimes we have questions that can only be answered by real humans. My proposal is simple. If you are stuck at a plateau, having trouble with a new move, or just want to talk logistics of glowsticking - HIT ME UP. I have created a Skype account solely for doing live tutorials and the username is "noqturnal.gsc" If an admin could sticky this that'd be cool.