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  1. So I was getting ready to leave the house when a friend stops by. He tells me that he wants to know where I get my music and how I know all the genres and all. I'm just kinda like...welllll. Then he starts talking to me about this beta site. (started complaining about how people don't know what dubstep is) It's http://turntable.fm/ Right now, it's in beta mode. But, you can get in if you have a FB friend that's already in. So, if you want to know a little more about it, FB me. XD It's basically going around 5 people who are up at the DJ booth. Just play a song and then move on to the next person. It has a catalog of songs that you can build a playlist out of and you can also upload to it. Also features a small chat on the side. I've found it to be pretty fun. It's a great place for someone with no turntable experience whatsoever to just play a song for a virtual room of people and have fun. Thinking about maybe hosting a room sometime. GSC meetup with ghetto avatars. =D EDIT: I'll be online late nights, just hit up the Facebook to find out. Current favorite room: http://turntable.fm/trance_out
  2. Filmed all my footage for my video last night. And danced around my apartment. Today, I practiced at the bus stop and on the rail. It was awesome.
  3. I'm linking together more of my focused traces as well as putting my threads together with tosses. And I can honestly say I don't miss my strings. At all. One bit. I am fixated on my freehanding.
  4. You guys have just been busy, haven't you? I'll make it a point to download everything I can and watch it all. And hopefully learn. Buuuuuuuut, I enjoy my freehanding a whole lot. Keep up the dedication, everyone!
  5. Ehehehe. These poor people on the bus. I practiced while going down the elevator. While in the bus on the way to my apartment. All of these crazy things happen when I have no legs. It's quite awesome.
  6. Hey, Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Listen.

    Post moar on GSC>

    Update your location on the Member Map.

    Get involved in our community.

    Go to events other than EDC.

    Sponsor a rave in your town.

    Do something awesome.

    Learn moar glowstringing.


    This has been a public service announcement.

    By LordHappyPantsXIII

  7. Freehanding > Glowstringing. Biased? Yes.

  8. *BUMP* Practiced today while i was chilling in TC. Found out it's not too hard to use flowlights in freehand work. I admit, it is a tiny bit awkward. Tosses are getting cleaner and I'm expanding my traces to flow better. EDIT: And during class today, I worked on isolations while the lights were dimmed and our prof was presenting a video. Hands are feeling a little sore, but that's a good sign.
  9. Definitely going to make it a point to follow this like I was going to before I started classes at UTD... >.> I have some free time this weekend. So after I finish the stuff that needs doing, my full focus will be here. Unless.....certain videos are released. I'll have to watch them first and then focus here. XD Hopefully, I'll be making some contributions of my own soon.
  10. Hey you. With the face. I demand that you get a profile picture that is you. Just saying. XD

  11. A day early and on GS.C! I congratulate you! And many thanks! I'm really tempted to not log in to FB so that people actually have to get ahold of me to tell me. XD

  12. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Update on LHP's location. I am now in Dallas. PM me for the location if you just want to chill or session. Style: Stringing/Freehanding
  13. Well, i'm totally not a stranger, seeing as how right now I only access internet on campus and I still have time to check on GS.C and post. XD. You should text me. I have some news.

  14. There's actually quite a few.

    You just have to look in the right areas.

    Have a look around the Southern USA forum.


    You'll find a directory of members that are active/inactive, parties, meetup info, and lots of other things.

  15. Nice to see a new Texas member! Welcome to GSC!

  16. The SO TODAY I..... Thread

    So today I got up at 9 and ranted and raved at the pc for not wanting to work. The internets have failed me. I hate you, Verizon!
  17. Tonight's one of them bleh nights where I sit and ponder the universe with glowsticks in my hands.

    1. jlmartin


      i hear you there going to college with glowsticks in bag lol

    2. CosmosusMagnus
  18. The SO TODAY I..... Thread

    So today I used a phoenix down on this thread. And I also practiced bushido. It is fun.
  19. So then, you make it into an orbit. And that's kinda sick but then you're really fucked. After that, you can, I don't know, toss it up and open it like an ninja scroll. You're still screwed, because there's no way out of it. <-- xbadkaraokex style tutorial. I have the footage. XD

  20. You. Go to TinyChat tonight.

    And by tonight I mean log in at 7 and don't expect to log off anytime soon.

    Meet some more members. =D

  21. heeeeyyyyy!


    Get online!

    Be alive!!

  22. Threads. You be learning about them. XD

  23. The Mysterious Glowsticker. Probably freehands with icicles and penguins. Or maybe glowsticks with bioluminescent fish. XD

  24. Yeah, I'm probably going to call them Dart people and ask about how or where to buy the passes. I know the price for the ones we need are 7 bucks apiece, so it's not horrible.