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  1. EDC Vegas 2014 Dates & Ticket Sale Announcement Soon!

    Trance-rckr and I have both bought our tickets!
  2. 5 Min Ultras

    Revolutions are decent in their brightness, but I've found that they're a bit weak when it comes to stringing. Sadly, I'm not the only one who's had this issue. Great for Freehanders, though! But then again, it's been about a year and a half since I've bought from them. (Nocturnal Texas 2012) I may be making an order to this ameriglo site. For some reason the box they come in seems really familar.
  3. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because for some reason I read it in a Texan accent.
  4. Filmed all my footage for my video last night. And danced around my apartment. Today, I practiced at the bus stop and on the rail. It was awesome.
  5. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I love picking on other freehanders.
  6. I'm linking together more of my focused traces as well as putting my threads together with tosses. And I can honestly say I don't miss my strings. At all. One bit. I am fixated on my freehanding.
  7. You guys have just been busy, haven't you? I'll make it a point to download everything I can and watch it all. And hopefully learn. Buuuuuuuut, I enjoy my freehanding a whole lot. Keep up the dedication, everyone!
  8. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for not being comfortable enough to talk about a man's trousers in a fun way.
  9. Ehehehe. These poor people on the bus. I practiced while going down the elevator. While in the bus on the way to my apartment. All of these crazy things happen when I have no legs. It's quite awesome.
  10. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for pants that aren't quite up to my happy standards.
  11. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for not posting here on the first of May
  12. I am currently taking shortcuts by practicing with hex sticks. But, my BTB tosses are starting to look cleaner and work more with my flow.
  13. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for changing your name
  14. I'm now working on improving my flow to include more than just my upper torso. I'm getting to where I'm playing with concepts that were inspired by Ph0toN. Also, tosses are being expanded upon and BTB is seeing some minor improvement. I'm also getting some 3 stick concepts cemented in my mind due to my circus club's president urging me to learn juggling. I'm seeing a video sometime in the future.
  15. Hey, Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Listen.

    Post moar on GSC>

    Update your location on the Member Map.

    Get involved in our community.

    Go to events other than EDC.

    Sponsor a rave in your town.

    Do something awesome.

    Learn moar glowstringing.


    This has been a public service announcement.

    By LordHappyPantsXIII