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  1. EDC Vegas 2014 Dates & Ticket Sale Announcement Soon!

    Trance-rckr and I have both bought our tickets!
  2. 5 Min Ultras

    Revolutions are decent in their brightness, but I've found that they're a bit weak when it comes to stringing. Sadly, I'm not the only one who's had this issue. Great for Freehanders, though! But then again, it's been about a year and a half since I've bought from them. (Nocturnal Texas 2012) I may be making an order to this ameriglo site. For some reason the box they come in seems really familar.
  3. GSC Texas! ASSEMBLE!

    The way things are looking, we will have to have this after the 4th of July. Right now, I'm dealing with a myriad of issues, including computer problems. hopefully, this post will survive and make it to GSC from my tablet. Edit: Gah. I should know better than to update a Roll Call list from this Android of mine. >.> I will fix it ASAP.
  4. Freehanding Concept(s)

    Well. I am quite irresponsible. I let Awesome Tuesday become Tired Tuesday. By Friday, I shall have a video up. And I may just have footage from that new roommate I have. That happens to be a GSC member. We shall see.
  5. GSC Texas! ASSEMBLE!

    muahaha I kitteh have hacked LHP's account! No not really, he just showed me the thread on his laptop and I'm posting on it. Great to see everyone again and hope to see you all at the meetup!
  6. GSC Texas! ASSEMBLE!

    After talking to some out of town GSC members that may attend, I think we've settled on a date. Saturday, June 30th. We've just got to get confirmations on where we'll meet up for the afternoon before going to Ascend.
  7. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because for some reason I read it in a Texan accent.
  8. Freehanding Concept(s)

    Well, I started video editing after I got back to my apartment. And then I realized that I probably shouldn't rush it. I'll have an awesome quality video up tomorrow. And to make up for it, I'll include a little something extra. So. Expect awesome Tuesday to be Awesome.
  9. I'm tired

    ^THIS. Don't worry, your non-dominant hand always feels like someone dropped a refrigerator on it. Or... the equivalent of retardedness for your hand. When I started with it, I worked my non-dominant without paying any attention to my dominant. After a while, you pick it up and the level of ability evens itself out. Hey now, what are we, chopped liver>? We post around all the time. D: Anyways, the reason that we have such an opinion is because time and time again, people from Texas have created accounts here just to start stuff. Or they just follow us around at events and try to get us to battle. We try to inform them of what we believe while they spout their endless amounts of biased opinions. They end up getting banned for this and that's usually the extent of their stay here. We've tried asking them, but they do what they do and get pointed towards the door. Notice that these sentences contain the word "opinion." I'm from Texas and I hate how this region is always stereotyped. But, I suffer through it because I know that there are those of us who live the lifestyle that we've found in GSC. This community is formed around people who believe the same things and know the consequences of those lifestyles are. If others want to follow it, it's their choice. GSC believes in: No Drugs No Battlers. No Illegal activities. We joined because this is what we believe and what we practice. We enjoy learning here because this an environment of people who have built friendships and grown in this together. In case you haven't, please read the thread located in my signature.
  10. Filmed all my footage for my video last night. And danced around my apartment. Today, I practiced at the bus stop and on the rail. It was awesome.
  11. Freehanding Concept(s)

    Unfortunately, my video won't be up til tomorrow either. I have a job interview to sleep for and I can't start editing now or I'll give up that sleep. >.>
  12. Freehanding Concept(s)

    YAAAY! I'll be reviewing my clip today (Sunday) and I should have the aforementioned video up sometime in the evening. Soooo, there WILL be awesome things on this thread pretty soon. ----------- Review on my clip has begun. I'll probably film and put the video up in a few hours. For now, enjoy the goodness that is Trance-Rckr.
  13. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I love picking on other freehanders.
  14. JOY!!! It'd be pretty awesome if you had that finished and brought a copy to the GSC Texas Meetup we're planning... I think it would be an awesome accompaniment to The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience documentary. But either way, I'm looking forward to watching your completed masterpiece.
  15. Freehanding Concept(s)

    Hopefully I'll get out a new video by this weekend with something new to play with. I'm thinking it'll have a slowed down explanation/tutorial of a few things from my last vid and then introduce a few new things. We'll see how this goes. suzume! Where's your video?? And where are those other people on GSC that freehand>? I know there's more than a couple of us. >.< It'll be kinda weird seeing me post twice in a row with updates in here if this keeps up.