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    san luis obispo, CA
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    Raving, furries, and glowy things!!! Hardstyle, dancing, tacos, lightshows, KANDIE!!! runnign around really really fast, being hyper, REDBULL!!!! I <3 hugs =^.^=

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  1. Heeeeeey, sorry for the uber late response! Yeah, that was syphonkiller. He's super awesome. ^_^

  2. pandas are awesome <3

  3. im thinking about making a one year video with coreography (my first time planning anything more than 5 seconds ahead of me hehe) but was wondering if ill despise the song i practice to by the time im done, or it will "loose its magic"? any wexperiance

  4. i juast saw a video for a "1 year present for Loki" im guessing it was for you? that guy is really good! thats so cool to have friends like that :3

  5. memories of EDC!!!!!!!!!!! <333

  6. Herro, =^.^= Im Wildchild a raver and 3 month glowsticker just posted my first vid ever. *hugs* Tonight i just made my first video(see below), 3 months in, im not particularly proud of it as i forgot a few things and didnt do my best, but it was still a fun night of just fooling around hehe we even went on an outdoor adventure :3 Wildchild 20 years old Location: San Luis Obispo, CA Intrests: raving, furries, kandie, music, mexican food, red bull, glowy things :3 Fav book and tv: Hehe Magic the Gathering series, His Dark Materials series, Johny the Homicidal Maniac. as for tv, my mind is simple and i like funny cartoons, invader zim, family guy, southpark etc Music interests: like most people on here im guessing anything but rap and country. my favorites are rave music of the Hard style, hard dance, and happy hardcore genre :3 the faster and hyper the better hehe Goal in the next 5 years: Graduate medschool and still be as immature as i am today! Goal in the next 20 years: Be a neuroscience researcher or practicer or a fetal tissue doctor, have a bunch of pets, a good mate, all the furry and raver lifestyle paraphernalia i could want, fame, fortune, and tons of delicious foodz and STILL be as immature as i am today :3 What turns you on about the opposite sex: Have the same excitable nature as my own, are silly and can admire my better traits and put up with my worse ones hehe definintly having shared interests at the same level of passion is key If i had a million dollars I would: invest 800,000$ of it and always keep a few hundred ones in my pocket so i can give every person I see that makes life more enjoyable a few bucks I am good at: being silly, being strong, being immature, and hugging people School (if applicable): Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Work (if applicable): Construction its really fun and keeps me in shape. But i look for more I am on glowsticking.com because: Epic wanted me to join, i was bored My website/pictures are located: x Describe yourself: Im generally confused but happy :3 While i try to enjoy life as much as possible. Im FAR from being oblivious to the flaws that surround us all, but wallowing in self pitty is sooooo boring hehe :3 im very physical and love to laugh, cuddle and hug people and dont understand alot of social taboos What do you do for fun? Rave, surf da interwebz, hang out with freinds, cons, spin glowy things, and nom Random fact about yourself: I have a tail, a lion tail :3 What you did last weekend: i went with my friends on a river adventure to catch bullfrogs and had agreat time, hiking and ending it in a giant water fight. What you do when you go out: find a way to make things more fun, faster and exciting Are you in a relationship? no, recently left one... im kinda innocent and a deviant all at once Are you looking to be in a relationship? Ill take life as it comes, but i would love to have someone to cuddle with. =^.^=