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    My interests are piano, stringing, origami, sports, and music.

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    random searching, then the introduction video
  1. Name: Matthew, people call me wollf, cause thats my last name Age: 15 Gender: MALE Location: saskatchewan canada Interests: Piano, origami, and stringing Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Storm Thief Musical Interest: PIANO, and sometimes percussion Goal in the next 5 years:graduate highschool and go to college Goal in the next 20 years: Work somewhere, maybe in a lounge playing piano, then glowstringing late into the night What turns you on about the opposite sex: hair If i had a million dollars I would: sent it to Haiti, after first buying an ipod I am good at: working with my hands School (if applicable): high school Work (if applicable): hopefully soon I am on because: I like hand coordination like in piano, and expression My website/picutures are located: no where Describe yourself: fun, loose, awesome What do you do for fun? hang out with friends or play video games Random fact about yourself: i am very tall What you did last weekend: saw my siblings in college What yo do when you go out: buy glow sticks or eat Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? no