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    anything and every thing really spinning fire poi .. LEDS ..gloves ..dub step hard bass anything with a good beat .. teaching my lil brother to spin and him teaching me new things.. loving art and everything flow.

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  1. Ppl i need friends hit me up lol plur i gots to keep spinning 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. tug


      Makes sense. Are there any local poi spinners? a lot of us in cali spin both, more people to hangout with. how long have you been stringing? I'm on 3 years. 

    3. djrockit89


      sorry for the long response time but on and off 5 years but still consider myself a newbie 

    4. tug


      Me too! :) there is always so much to learn. 

  2. Soooo about to string it up need to get back to bassxs 

  3. Well cant seem to stay away from new mexico glad to see gsc back up people be free to hit me up 

  4. have not been on in a while missing the flow

  5. spinning makes me happy

  6. im back again

    im back in Texas Corpus Christi to be exact moved back from new Mexico met tons of spinners and was blessed to meet them but now my goal is to meet spinners in Texas if any info hit me up .. oh and if any advice for a big sized person with autism to spin better please feel free to drop some tips .. and for those who do know me I was just told when I was in new Mexico living there my parents just finally decided to tell me I have autism . but in other news plur lol
  7. been forever but happy got my flowtoys in

  8. sticking it up at tamuk