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  1. Rolling is an inseperable part of our culture. That's not to imply that everyone should roll. I'm just saying that it is part of what makes raves what they are. Don't feel left out if you don't roll, but don't demonize those who do. Some of my deepest spiritual experiences have occurred while rolling. Raves are sacred. Thanks for making them that way...rolls or no rolls. I love you all.
  2. Hi GSC, My name is Spore and I'm from Los Angeles. I'm not in love with my car, I don't worship pop culture icons, and I don't spend long hours in front of television screens. I am a seeker. My interests include Psychedelics, Alternate Realities, Spinning (POI, GlowStringing), Bass Guitar, and dancing. I find raves to be spiritually satisfying. My love for POI has led me into the world of Glow Stringing and FreeHanding. I'm happy that there is such a tight community on the web to support those of us who love the art of freehand and spinning.