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    no se xD !

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    Rave !, Glowstringing, Melbourne Shuffle, Industrial Dance, Trance, Hardstyle, Electro-Dark, Industrial, Dance, HAppy Hardcore, Kandi ! <3

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  1. jajaja sii :D !! este es mi correo luisgbm666@hotmail.com jaja Furry ppl united !!!

  2. :P Furry powahh

    You speak Spanish? Ay, pues si eres de Costa Rica, por supuesto!

    Saludos :)

  3. Yay furry ppl unite :D:D !!!

  4. o: ! lolz okies :3 !!

  5. yo i wanna see videos of your glowsticking!

  6. Get your body beat, let your body flow !

  7. ha ha es que no me deja subir fotos y me da pereza cambiarlo xD !!

  8. HEYO... viejo, no ha cambiado nada en su perfil XD

  9. Name: Luis Age: 16 Gender: Male .-. Location: Costa Rica :3 Interests: Rave, trance music, funneh things o.o, awwww ... pizza <3 !! Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: hmm ... my favorite book is called "Viaje al reino de los deseos" Musical Interest: Trance, electro, rave, psycodelic, happy hardcore, psytrance Goal in the next 5 years: complete my studies and become a good glowstringer :] Goal in the next 20 years: o.o get work and still glowstring <3 What turns you on about the opposite sex: hmmm ... lovely face <3 !! and pretty eyes !! If i had a million dollars I would: make the greatest rave in america !! I am good at: hmmm ... video games o.o School (if applicable): - Work (if applicable): - I am on glowsticking.com because: I want to learn this, is soo kewl and im a total adict to the glowsticks x3 My website/pictures are located: hi5.com .-. Describe yourself: hmm ... im tall, black haired .-. hazel eyes ... What do you do for fun? hmmmm ... dance !! <3 Random fact about yourself: Ramdoness o.o What you did last weekend: hmmm ... practice some tricks .-. What yo do when you go out: hmmm eat pizza <333 Are you in a relationship?: nope </3 Are you looking to be in a relationship? sure !!