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    currently hutch for school but home is 316,the dub,ict, WICHITA,ks
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    been skateboarding forever.i love glowstickin as much as skateboarding.hmm.smokin diggy dank, and o damn, getting tattoos is pretty fun for far 4.<br />hardstyles dope,drum and bass is extra tight. yep

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    web lurkin.
  1. tossin sticks around in my room,havin a good ol time before work,watup with you

  2. Not bad at all actually!

  3. i glow stick, you glowstick

    we GLOWSTICK. i think that sounds like a dope shirt wat do u think

  4. Thanks for the add! Keep in touch and dont be afraid to say hi :3

  5. Name:Samuel Daniel Age:19 Gender:male Location:hutchinson kansas for school, but my home is wichita Interests:skateboarding glowsticking super chronic Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:stuff thatl further along my education.ha Musical Interest:hardstyle,trance, all that good stuff, reggae Goal in the next 5 years: finish school Goal in the next 20 years:idk What turns you on about the opposite sex: everything If i had a million dollars I would:buy some digitty dank, alot of glowsticks, skateboards,and then give the rest away or somethin I am good at: skateboarding,i get down,7yrs goin on strong,rollin blunts,glowstick School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): bgc I am on because: cuz i love to glowstick, and i love all makes me feel so good My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: im indescribable What do you do for fun? fun does me Random fact about yourself: idk What you did last weekend: danced around my dorm listening to dope techno mixes What yo do when you go out: when its the right time, ya dig Are you in a relationship? na Are you looking to be in a relationship? sure am,ha,but who isnt