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  1. Neglect, neglect, neglect of GS.C!! Resolution:Spend more time on here. This is the first time I've logged in since January, this is terrible..

  2. I think I saw you at the quad last friday...

  3. Your videos are amazing! They make me want to learn stringing sooo bad, but with all I got goin on I can't find time to practice and learn. :(

  4. So your videos on youtube are what brought me to this site. I wanted to thank you for getting me interested in stringing again. =)

  5. That I have no idea yet...ill get back at you as soon a i find out though

  6. Hey, where are you doing a meetup?

  7. Hey me and poko are doing a meet up on thanksgiving break sometime. You should come...your a beast at stringing lol.

  8. We should totally do a session, that'd be sick. Any other GSCers that live in the area?

  9. Thank you for responding, I cant wait to discuss the NC rave scene. Do you have a FB? mine is

  10. Whoa hey, I recently saw the Girl's Collab and I really didn't think anyone else still sticked in GA. It sucks the scene is kind of dead here. I was wondering, do you go to SCAD? Maybe we could arrange a meetup for fellow GA stickers. Or if you're ever in the Atl area, Paboo, H2L, and my friend Derek could do a session. Looking forward to hearing back!

  11. being scared to death-and saddling up anyway-John Wayne


    Footage looked great. No problems uploading it :)

  13. For sure. NC has a very small rave scene :)

  14. hey! Im new to NC and you are the only member i found in my search that is in NC that has logged on in the past 3 months. Cool if i BS with you a little about the NC rave scene and/or poi?