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  1. 2018 re-re mix

    Bring it back! Bring it back!
  2. New Beans

    I personally use Extreme Glow and bulk order Revs
  3. They doesn't look like they have anywhere to attach strings to. I have never bought from this site before.
  4. There's a glowsticking discord channel! Join and chat with other fellow glowstickers
  5. My fire poi set is in and I love them! The Technora have a much more string-like feel to them and don't bother me at all when holding them directly with the knobs... speaking of the knobs! Totally worth the $40 extra. They are a fun touch to make them feel unique and standout from the other usual fire poi sets I've seen. I need to start learning moves to utilize them more! They have all sorts of color settings, but I find the yellow solid color setting looks the nicest when I'm spinning with fire. It can sometimes be difficult to press the button on the knobs, but I think that's just me having weak thumbs haha. As far as the small monkey fists, I am totally happy with the size of the fire. It might just be a fire culture thing to care about large flames, but coming from glowsticks, the weight trade isn't worth it for me. I find I can spin much longer without getting tired and I can spin faster than I had been able to with past poi sets I've tried out. I'm still getting used to spinning fire, but I highly recommend this config if you are looking into buy fire poi. Here's a quick clip of me spinning them and not being very good lol: Also a snapchat I took of them when I first got them newFirePoi.mp4
  6. Hey! I just ordered my first pair of fire poi ever! I felt like I couldn't completely depart from my glowing roots, so I ordered it with the following: - The smallest monkey fists I could order (the weight difference with past fire poi I've tried always throws me) - Fire resistant rope called Technora rather than chain - Ultra Knobs, which are rechargeable LED handles They are arriving in a few days, so I will report back on what I think of them from a previously strictly glowstinging perspective. Up til now, I've had little to no interest in spinning fire because of how different it feels and the minimal wrapping options. But I'm interested to see how far the prop has come with these new options. Stay Tuned!
  7. Old school free hand

    It says video is unavailable
  8. IT'S ALIVE!

    Thank you Xepher! That means a lot and welcome to GS.c! If you have any questions or happen to be in socal, let me know! I want to make videos again, so keep an eye out haha
  9. IT'S ALIVE!

    The forum is so nice to use now! Thank you Dave! Two things I wanted to point out: 1. When creating a new post, the text in the Title and Tag box are black for me (rather than the off white the text box field is). This could just be a setting I have in my browsers, but I'm curious if you or others are also see this. I've been just getting around this by highlighting the text before moving on. 2. I REALLY like Tinychat... I know there's a slim chance, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for it to come back and be visible with who's in the room on the forum page like before. That was the way that I became so close with my friends on GS.c. There's another level of connection when I can video stream with my fellow GS.c peeps. It of course doesn't have to be Tinychat as a platform, but having a chatroom with video options and an easy way of seeing who's in the room would be so awesome! P.S. I just want GS.c to live again!
  10. Sunset Flow Jam every Wednesday evening! When: 6:00pm (ends sometime between 9-10) Where: 110 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA Facebook Group: We have a few glowstringers that come out pretty consistently every week, myself included now. We normally arrive at around 7pm.
  11. GSC Revival Collab

    This never came out did it... lol I can't remember what footage I sent for this. If it ever does get made, maybe that will be the official GSC Revival.
  12. OK, so it has never failed that whenever I got to some sort of massive or rave that I get asked that question, "Are you rolling?" I remember meandering the threads and finding a topic of how to start up conversations at raves, and this is how every stranger seems to start up a conversation. Does anyone else find this true?
  13. How many days in a row can you post?

    Darn it... 1 ^-^
  14. Back into glowstringing after....4 years?

    Thanks Rorok! I'll try to get on here more!
  15. Back into glowstringing after....4 years?

    Nice! I couldn't sleep last night, so I ended up stringing until 4:30am. I tried going into Tinychat just for fun too. It's too bad no one can tell if someone is in there from the Forum page anymore.
  16. Completely New

    Hey Andrew! I hope you can gain some confidence from glowsticking! It's the only performing art I can do confidently in front of people. Good luck! And if you have any questions, go ahead and ask. I am not on here regularly anymore, but there's a good group of people in this community.
  17. Don't worry GSC

    Super late to the party, but I came, so that's something
  18. GSC Revival Collab

    FYI, Brian and I have our clips filmed Brian's going to upload them while at school tomorrow since their upload speed is way faster than our apt's
  19. GSC Revival Collab

    phew, i can still sign into this place. thank god for password saving haha. but i am down! i will try and spread the word admittedly a lot of the ppl i know have been stringing less b/c of life... i am no exception XP but i miss all of you guys! let's revive this place!
  20. We can all jam and share music together here! Up to 5 people can take turns picking songs to play for everyone to listen to. If you guys wanna listen to music with GS.cers, come here!
  21. It's been so long

    nice! and welcome back!
  22. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    This might have already been mentioned somewhere, but I am having trouble typing in Tinychat. I can't click the textbox to start typing in Tinychat, because the website text that says, "Change Theme | Mark Community Read | Help IPB3 Skin By Tom Christian." is blocking the textbox.
  23. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    can we have the list of people in the tinychat room on the right side again? i think it definitely brings more people in when they actually see people are in the room.