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  1. Has any server admins been on here lately?
  2. This has officially inspired me to push myself to learn some more moves. If only you guys were closer to Canada so you could teach me:P
  3. It's been a while since I made one of these and ages since I was on the forum. How's it looking for not seriously glowstringing for a few years?
  4. I'm in Kona for the next week. Anybody want to meet?
  5. We've got to get some dedicated recruiters out there
  6. .....thought I'd make an appearance....
  7. How are things now?
  8. yep, send it all to the corn mill lol
  9. ok sounds good......TBA it is Just a reminder, it doesn't have to be a tux, any kind of suit is fine. check out the rules and such at the previous thread here ->
  10. For a about........... Saturday April 2nd? edit: scrap that, TBA will do for now
  11. I'll just put this here for reference.....
  12. You can send it directly to via your email if the file is small enough. If not, you can upload it to a file sharing website like MediaFire or which ever site you prefer. Then send the download link to the email address above.
  13. ......i didn't....didn't really think about. I will now though. For me it seems pointless to release your footage before hand. Then when the collab is released, technically you have seen it already. Oh and fishscale, who all has submitted so far? Make sure to check the main thread
  14. Ok sooooo, kronix and I have decided to extend the deadline to Saturday Feb 5th. That should give people a little extra time. edit: one more thing, don't post your clip anywhere before the collab video has been released.
  15. You can still submit something today if you like. and I don't think kronix is canadian