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  1. KEEP STRINGING!!! So I have someone to meet up with this summer!

  2. Midwest Intro Thread

    Neenah Wisconsin If you live in the area feel free to hit me up. Its close to oshkosh/appleton... about 40 minutes out of greenbay (if any cool gb parties are going down I can for sure get my ass out there) Style: String. Sup all!!! You guys should add me on facebook/aim so us midwesterners can get to know each other..
  3. Name: Isaac, or GlowstringingGoomba Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: SNeenah Wisconsin Interests: Music, Theater, Video Games, Glowsticking, X. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Lets see, favorite book...The dragon lance series, LOTR, Hitch hikers guide, and Illuminatus Trilogy Musical Interest:Techno for raving and rolling, Classic rock, prog rock, Psychadelic Rock...A little bit of everything Goal in the next 5 years: Be getting paid to act Goal in the next 20 years: Dunno yet...Ill tell ya when i get there What turns you on about the opposite sex: Someone who is just themselves. There is no set thing that turns me on...just...the right girl at the right time... If i had a million dollars I would: Buy a house for my dad and a house for me. The house for me would have 2 party/rave rooms. Then i would invest most of what was left and take about 40 grand and have the most bomb ass house party i could for as long as possible. I am good at: Acting. School (if applicable): In college for acting Work (if applicable): Not atm I am on because: I am looking for a community of ravers and glowstickers My website/pictures are located: facebook Describe yourself: Names Isaac Lowden. Thats about all I got, the rest is up to you to figure out i guess? If i told you who I was, you would get to know me and think I was something completely different than what I do. What do you do for fun? Party with friends. Or sit and smoke the herb... Random fact about yourself: Uh...Uh... Uh...I just started stringing 3 weeks ago What you did last weekend: hung out with some illinois friends What you do when you go out: Lots of things Are you in a relationship? Thank God no Are you looking to be in a relationship? Nope, Im never looking again. If one happens cool, but Im done trying