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  1. Yeahh. Nice meeting you mann! Let's have another meetup! And EDC 2011 forsure:D

  2. Name:Edson Age:15[16 in april] Gender:Male Location:Los Angeles, CA Interests:Poetry, Glowstringing:d, Parties Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:The Last Lecture. Musical Interest:Underground Hip-Hop. House. Trance. Goal in the next 5 years:Graduate High School. Good College(: Goal in the next 20 years:Culinary Artist What turns you on about the opposite sex:Respect for herself. Too many freaks now a days>:l If i had a million dollars I would:Spend Them? Invest some. I am good at:Poetry, School. School (if applicable):Sophmore at Palisades Charter High. Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because:I enjoy the art of GlowStringing My website/picutures are located:On Myspace., http://www.myspace.com/erodkid Describe yourself:Kinda Short:O What do you do for fun?Party:O Random fact about yourself:4.0 What you did last weekend:Party for New Years(: What yo do when you go out:Take my wallet and keys:D Are you in a relationship?Not at the moment. Are you looking to be in a relationship?Doesn't really matter right now(: