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  1. Ultras?

    Blue's never very bright, so I wouldn't go with those second ones. The first ones are from Cyalume, but they're the Snaplight brand, which aren't ultras. I think you could probably buy a pair from the site you originally linked and test them out. If you weren't in the UK, I'd suggest you buy from Extreme Glow, but you probably want to save on shipping. ;D
  2. Ultras?

    It's hard to tell just looking at a listing without knowing the brand of the glowstick. Generally, though, ultras burn for 5 minutes and then die, so any stick with a 5-minute life time is probably an ultra. Whether it will be as bright as the more common ultra brands (Cyalume and GL), though, I can't say.
  3. yeah it was chill meeting up with you guys, how was the party that i didn't get to go to?

  4. Hey! It was cool meeting and hanging out with you at SLO this weekend. =D Wish you guys could have stayed for the party though.

  5. Extremeglow is pretty good. That's where I got my last batch of sticks from. Check out this post for an in-depth guide on what to buy from Extremeglow: In general, Cyalumes are the best and brightest of the ultras. They're expensive, though, and only come in orange, and totally burn themselves out in their 5-minute lifespan. After Cyalumes, GL ultras are the next best. GLs are good 'cause they come in most of the same colors that normal sticks come in and revert to a dimmer glow after the 5-minutes of ultra intensity. The greens and aquas are the brightest GLs, I think.
  6. Hey! It was a lot of fun hanging out with you too! =D Thanks for being so friendly!

  7. i had so much fun at EDC with you :)

  8. We did :). Glad you made it safe back as well

  9. Haha, yup! It was cool hanging out with you at EDC. Hope you guys had a fun drive back. =P

  10. Try to look for the Color Bright brand in stores, if you don't want to order them online. They're generally pretty good quality, except for the little hook on the top, but you can cut that off easily and then the sticks are perfect and pretty durable. Ordering online from a wholesaler is cheaper in the end, though, I think. ships pretty fast and sells sticks pretty cheap, so check them out. RE your question about the sticks used in the tutorial you linked: those are Color Brights. You can order 'em on for, like, $0.80/ea., which is pretty good compared to the what I usually see in stores, especially as you order more than just a handful of pairs.
  11. Name: aergonaut (Chris) Age: 22 Gender: M Location: California. I go to UCLA, so I'm down there during the school year, but I'm from the Bay Area, so I'm usually up there for breaks and summer. Interests: video games, web design, reading, glowstringing ('natch) Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Neverwhere/--/Fringe Musical Interest: rock, trance, and most electronica Goal in the next 5 years: graduate school Goal in the next 20 years: married What turns you on about the opposite sex: I consider myself a leg guy, but I'm really more about personality. If i had a million dollars I would: invest a good chunk of it and donate the rest to charities I am good at: I'm not really that impressive. I've been told I'm a good programmer, but I don't really believe it myself. School (if applicable): UCLA Work (if applicable): starving student I am on because: I got interested in stringing in high school but didn't know anyone who did it so I sorta just stopped. This year, some of my friends back home picked it up and got me back into doing it over winter break. I'm here to join in the community and improve my skills. My website/picutures are located: my flickr: and my tumblr: Describe yourself: I'm basically your average Asian. =D What do you do for fun? play video games, see movies, string with friends Random fact about yourself: What you did last weekend: moved back to school after winter break What yo do when you go out: see movies, go to arcades Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? not actively