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  1. Just a video of what I'm doing recently
  2. Where are they now.

    I'm a noob (only 3 years) but I stopped posting because the forums were dead and I had other stuff to do. I suspect it's a common story.
  3. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    Thanks for the review Syphon! I'm glad you liked my combo In fact I didn't have any energy shots before filming, I was just jittery from the nervousness of being on camera... and also trespassing on private property >_>
  4. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    I filmed something but I think it might be too late to submit?
  5. Well, given that you're not supposed to bring drugs in either, and people still manage that, I don't see this edict actually succeeding at stamping out glove shows or cuddle puddles. There will still be glovers gloving and puddles cuddling, and until Insomniac decides to start literally kicking them out if they get caught, I think there probably will be for the foreseeable future. Where it might have a noticeable effect I think is on the rampant growth gloves have seen of late (woo I'm totally a raver, watch me wave these lights in your face, skillz) and limit them to the people who take it more seriously and would be willing to smuggle lights in. Which is probably for the best, in my opinion. I'd rather the glovers be people who actually care enough about what they're doing to take some risks for it than a bunch of kids who heard about raves on facebook. Given that glowsticks are still kosher, I have to wonder if the ban will lead to a surge in new freehanders/stringers (and likely new gs.c members), drawn to the only sanctioned glowy alternative. Do you guys think this would be a good thing? While I'm all for spreading the art, I feel like it would mostly be people with a shallow interest (ie equivalent to their level of interest in gloves). Even before the ban, I noticed a veritable plague of angry butterflies at EDC '10; I don't think we really need any more. Then again, if it leads to more people finding a passion for glowsticking and becoming valuable contributing members of the community, I can't condemn it. Just some thoughts.
  6. Howdy! You were at Kyle's house party in August, right?