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  1. Where are they now.

    I'm a noob (only 3 years) but I stopped posting because the forums were dead and I had other stuff to do. I suspect it's a common story.
  2. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    Thanks for the review Syphon! I'm glad you liked my combo In fact I didn't have any energy shots before filming, I was just jittery from the nervousness of being on camera... and also trespassing on private property >_>
  3. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    I filmed something but I think it might be too late to submit?
  4. Yo duuuuuuuuuude "Wooo. Yeah! woooooo!" haha

  5. Howdy! You were at Kyle's house party in August, right?

  6. Hello I'm new to all this so yeah...

    Hope you accept my friend request talk to you soon =)