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    Well, I'm all about spinning poi... but then I saw a video of glowstringing... I'm sooo St0kEd!!<br /><br />I typically enjoy being hyper and singing (more like moaning) and dancing just about everywhere I go.. I'm pretty random, sometimes a little too loud. <br /><br />I also play the piano ( but I can't read music) and compose some songs... I rarely sing to them. I am pretty athletic and acrobatic. I can do several flips and arial kicks... I like to pretend I am samurai sometimes LoL!!<br /><br />I can also be stubborn at times, and it's okay to call me out on it when I'm being an ass-hole!<br /><br />Unfortunantly, when I have a stomache-ache or am sick I do tend to whine about it a bit too much :-P <br />but hey, it makes me feel better at least!!<br /><br />I'm not very good a being social, so I'm hoping to meet some people that will help change that. I'm looking to learn glowstringing, but more importantly, to create new friendships and have a Damn Good Time!!!!<br /><br />Anyways, I want to meet you, so drp me a message.. if nothing elses, just say 'hi' !!<br /><3

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    I saw a FlowToys fan video that came from GS.C .... I came to the stie and have been H00KED ever since!
  1. happy birthday and i hope it is the best one you ever had

  2. Hope life brings you what you're lookin for man! Keep it spinnin bro!

  3. Hey bro, Just wanted to tell you that you're inspiration man.

  4. How was Costa Rica? Im going hopefully in the next year or so. did you have to get your temp visa upon arrival?

  5. Name: Ande (proounced Andy) Age: 22 Gender: Male Location: Eugene, Oregon Interests: Poi, Piano, Women, Martial Arts, Math, Music, ect.. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Favorite Book is On A Pale Horse by Peirs Anthony. I don't really rad any magazines, but I'm open for a suggestion! I like house alot, but I don't watch T.v. either.. I dont even have a tv. LoL! Musical Interest: I love guitar and Piano.. but as far as bands are concerend.. I have pretty eclectic tastes.. Like Abney Park, Tobias Tinker, Bjork, Kerli, Postal Service, MIA, Dressden Dolls... I'm ALWAYS looking to expand my musical horizons, so if you really love a not-so-well-known group or Dj, let me know! Goal in the next 5 years: Graduate with a Bachelor's degree from The University of Oregon... Be able to perform poi professionally on the West coast. Goal in the next 20 years: Happily married with children and a career.. with plenty of time to ATV and spin! What turns you on about the opposite sex: Oh god, what doesnt. The body of a woman is like God's gift to the world, a true work of art.. Smooth, soft skin and georgeous dazzling eyes.. flowing hair. Women help ground us guys out... Where we are weak, they are strong.. and we can feel/ be strong because we know we have the love and support of our Girlfriend/ Wife... what more could any guy want out of life?! (besides raising children of his own)... If i had a million dollars I would: Invest it all in a federal savings bond with at least a 4% interest rate per year... then work for one year and live happily off of the 40k a year interest that I will be recienving for the rest of my life... not including the origional 1 Million... which is still in savings for my kids one day ;-) I am good at: Anythign I try to be good at. School (if applicable): Im a student (Freshman) at Lane Community College, working on my Associate of Art's Oregon Transfer Degree. Work (if applicable): I work in the Office of Multicultural Academic Success at the University of Oregon. I am on because: I want to learn how to glowstring, and become part of this glowsticking community! My website/picutures are located: I guess on my facebook? I dont have a website or anything.. Describe yourself: Well, you can read about my personality in my profile.. Physically I am short at 5' 5". I have short dark hair and dark brown eyes. Im athletic, very agile and bouncy. I don't have the best teeth because I did fire breathing for a few years, but Im working on getting them back in order... Ummm, I dont know what else to say :-) What do you do for fun? Well I work and go to school full time, so that takes alot of my ''fun' time away.. but I like to make music, or play video games.. hang out with my friends and spin some fire. I love climbing and hiking.. and camping.. and hot springs.. and I guess I just love outdoors, especially night-time! Random fact about yourself: I have a squirrel named Newton tattooed on my forearm. What you did last weekend: Last weekend I took my car out onto some trails by LCC to go explore but got caught in the mud because.. well.. its a car. Oh, I aslo F-ed up my pinky in a 60lb oak door. What yo do when you go out: Depends on my mood.. sometime I go cruise around just listening to music.. sometimes I go look for people and entertainment. Im not good at meeting new people, so most of the time I end up climbing the Butte and spinning fire. :-P Are you in a relationship? Nope... no baggage either.. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Not really 'looking' but I won't pass up an opportunity at love and commitment.. but lets just work on being friends first :-)