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  1. I'm working on a few one handed and pattern concepts ill try to post something in the near future. More likely than not incorporating inverted tosses. I'll see what Muse strikes me I guess, if any XD
  2. I could do a toss concept box once I get my share of sticks back from LHP
  3. Thanks for the feedback and I never knew about those scrolls but had to assume that they probably existed, ancient people had all the cool ideas haha

  4. good post in culture man, and in response to your sig, there were scrolls found at the library of alexandria which could be the first designs for a flame thrower. i forget specifically when the scrolls were dated but i believe it was during the late height or early decline of roman empire incase you care LOL

  5. Good luck making your vid man : )

  6. Yo! It's Little Nikki! You're IMOto-Chan!

  7. The SO TODAY I..... Thread

    I slept in for the first time in forever and thwn went to work and managed to stay busy. my life is boring lol
  8. Why does everyone ask if I'm rolling??

    I was asked this several times because I was sweating so much and then one dude with pockets full of tabs tried to convince me they were good for you
  9. I hope to see you at nocturnal. This will be my first time seeing GSC'er and attending a insomniac event :D hope to see you there :D

  10. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Just an update new phone number: 325 718 7088 Text me if you want just let me know who ya are
  11. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Just a quick update Phone: 3257188846 aim: KittehRaver13
  12. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Real Name: Markus State: Texas Location: Ballinger Region: Abilene, San Angelo AIM: Yahoo:, MSN: MySpace: Phone: (325) 718-8846 Style: poi, stringing, staffs (fire and glow/LED)