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  1. 5 Min Ultras

    I know this belongs in the lights forum but the last post there was july or something I just don'y think i'd get a reply haha I used to order off of a site that i can't remember, haven't stringed in 2 years ish and am busting it again. I ordered ultras from glowproducts i think it was but I wasn't really impressed with the 5 min orange ultras, i remember them being a lot brighter and the tube is all wrong it's got edged instead of an actual cylinder... what is the best place to order ultras ? that are actually ultra bright, not just a little brighter than the regular ... ? haha again sorry i know it's the wrong forum group but i would at least get a faster reply here ^^ cheers
  2. tabernak esti caliss!!! allooo from Montreal ! So glad you guys are still around haha I was thinking about this site randomly today n decided to check it out. I stopped stringing about 2 years ago just had no time and was sick of losing my strings after every rave ( getting the " perfect length cut knot etc " gets old REAL fast ). Anyway a really big Psytrance rave was coming up and decided to buy some ultras and get back into it. needless to say I forgot NOTHING ! not even a little rusty, that muscle memory really gets you eh ? Granted my orbitals still blow *** even with proper planes.. how have you all been ? and hoping there are some new canadian stringers on the board if not ah well. Just thought i'd say hello again and i'm back to pick up where i left off, time to start learning and hurting again Any new moves been developed since i've been gone ? Cheers guys =)
  3. hey im going to be in ottawa on during the weekend of the 23rd going to this event dont know if u can make it out but it wouldbe cool to meet a gscer