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  1. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Yeah plans have changed...... I'll be back even sooner!!! I'll probably be living in the Terrace area with some buds. Once I get back and get all settled in I'll put something in here or send you a PM!
  2. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    I'm moving back to Utah....Roy/Ogden area :-D Once I do, I'll get bxcommando to come out haha.
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    One day a few years back I was at bxcommando's and his mom came running downstairs and was like Opra is doing what you guys are doing as a workout. Me and him were like wtf and checked it out so Steve Harvey wasn't the first. But I highly doubt this will even catch on really anywhere. I can't imagine housewives doing this. They'll think its too dangerous and whack a kid in the face or break their precious spoons hanging on the walls or some shit.

    check this out, I think you'll like it.

    If this double posts I apologize.


    check this out, I think you'll like it.

    If this double posts I apologize.

  6. Antioch, actually. What about yourself?

  7. Came across some stuff today, not much. First video is a butterfly drop/catch/wrap. If that even makes sense. 2nd one is some 1 handed stuff. The last part is an airwrap-knee pin 1 - shotgun other and bring it around string into 1 hand. Last part is a 1 hand 5bt UTL. I'll have to get more batteries for my LEDz and re-record.
  8. Since I added something to the manip thread. I couldn't not put something here. Its just one thing and rather sloppy, but there is all sorts of things you could do with it I'd imagine.
  9. ^^ Awesome! There is tons of stuff you can do with em. I'm chillin with a buddy from TN today, so I'm sure I'll learn something new. Plus I have some other stuff I need to film and get up here.
  10. Yeah I don't shorten my string either, just gotta move real fast and try to keep it centered each time you hit your hand. Least try to.
  11. Haha yes! I love those last things those are part of my stick flip stuff I've been meaning to upload. Maybe I'l do that tonight
  12. my camera charger today. Ya'll can be expecting lots of stuff from me. Just need to start recording and edit it all up n what not. Here is this though. Some variations on the double bicep wrap turns. Beginning is just normal double bicep wrap turns, then I goto crossover double bicep wraps, then a lockout variation, then the end is an antispin lockout crosser(?)
  13. Havent watched it yet, but I know its gunna be good.
  14. ahhhhh, dude so many crazy ideas in there. That very first one was so COOOOOL so going to steal that haha. That video was pure awesomeness without a doubt. I got way too much stuff to learn this weekend between xetmaths and your video. Side note: My charger will be here next week so no more shitty quality videos, well least not as shitty hahah. Also could be buying some leds soon. Anyways I'm loving all these new ideas everyone is submitting this thread is turning out to be even more amazing.