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  1. Name: Kirby Navarro Age: 22 Gender: male Location: manila "Philippines" Interests: Gadgets n stuff, bar hoppin... Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Depends on my mood Musical Interest: Depends on my mood Goal in the next 5 years: to be RICH Goal in the next 20 years: to be RICHER What turns you on about the opposite sex: Attitude realy counts... If i had a million dollars I would: Donate to the Church, Elderly homes, Ill just donate half to those who needs it the most I am good at: Im jack of all traits master of none School (if applicable): EAC "philippines Work (if applicable): Partime "call center agent" I am on because: This site rocks My website/picutures are located: Friendster "" Describe yourself: just your simple guy who can make your day extra special What do you do for fun? Depends on my mood Random fact about yourself: Ummmmm... Sweet What you did last weekend: Bar hopping What yo do when you go out: Depends on my mood "usually arcade, food trip, starbucks Are you in a relationship? i guess so... Are you looking to be in a relationship? ummmm... God will decide