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  1. Im young, and i try not to be like the scene is nowadays. Im not unwise or immature at what goes on but im in this scene for the music the people the vibe and the art. Not all the stuff that treands people in. I liked the music and the dance way before i every tryed the drugs. So no if your still into the art and music you are never to old. BUT if your old try not to be a E-Tard PluRR Not Plur
  2. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Member Name: SeeJay Real Name: SeeJay Location: Fort Worth, Arlington Region: Dallas? AIM:Run Seejay, (msn: MySpace: Email ( Phone: *8178850147 Style: Stringing, Freehand GSC Status: Member, Active *no need to change this, if you're posting you're active*