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  1. Ally where are you! What are you doing friday 12-10?

  2. Oh oh I need a ride =P

  3. Cool stick Colors (pic) I'm a huge fan of mix and matching colors =D

  4. So Bright ahh it hurts my eyes =P

  5. Noo Ally you have to come! =D

  6. it was Junction at RB I believe

  7. Yah almost the weekend!

  8. So How is that Extra Thick and Creamy _ _ _ k _ _ _ _ E treating you =P

  9. Hey you coming to Chewy's tonight?

  10. Mid Night =O haha I passed out by 10 well at least you don't have to go to work today at 9am D= I think I might go take a lil nap in my car ^.~ thank god they are going to let us out early! I hope... Oh is there anything Fun/interesting happing this weekend?

  11. I hope you didn't Break Those sticks I gave you yet =P

    Oh and the White is extra Special ^.~

  12. Hi =D Glad you made it home ok haha I would have put money on the fact that you two fell asleep on the subway =P

  13. Hehe how old were you in that pic O.o I'm gonna guess 15 am I right?