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  1. Hi. My nick is Usama. Has nothing to do with Osama. It's an acronym = USA Martial Arts. But uh...yeah, looking to glowstick for fun @ raves, prom, parties, halloween, etc. So...what's up? EDIT: Oh yeah: Name:Derek Roberts Age:17 Gender: male Location: Duluth, GA Interests: music, edm, karate, IIDX, DDR Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: N/A Musical Interest: Trumpet, keys, EDM, crappy beat boxing. Goal in the next 5 years: Graduate with an undergrad Goal in the next 20 years: Build up a strong family, be a musician What turns you on about the opposite sex: heh, sappy, but eyes, usually. If i had a million dollars I would buy a IIDX Machine, Lambo Diablo with blue underglo, mansion, turntables. I am good at: music/rhythm stuff School (if applicable): Northview High Work (if applicable): JR's BBQ Restaurant I am on because: I want to learn some glowsticking because I already have some cool hand stuff down. My website/picutures are located:myspace Describe yourself: rather short (5'10"), brown hair, hyper at times What do you do for fun? whatever I can get into. Random fact about yourself: I can sit and listen to noisecore and actually enjoy it What you did last weekend: DDR all day, girlfriend time. What yo do when you go out: Arcade, work, school, friends house Are you in a relationship? yep Are you looking to be in a relationship? N/A