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  1. HeeYoun - you own me techno songs! =(

  2. Cute new picture, Lana

  3. I have decided that I will most likely use your DJ Bouncy - Track 1 song as the basis for my next video's song =)

  4. Dude, I wish...haha. I only know the freakin' lingo, the general concepts, and the history of operating systems. But I cannot program or even read the code within an OS kernel if my life depended on it. I need to learn C++ and assembly =.=

  5. She's a fellow Cornell student, whom I met last year =) Jenny has come to quite a few meetups already, which I totally appreciate of her.

  6. Creating some sweet combos that I randomly thought of =) I have also been reading on operating systems in an eBook that I got on computer science. Going back to school in about two weeks =.=

  7. Glad that you liked the Dec Collaboration footage, man. You should submit footage and be in the next collaboration. We could use your stringing footage =)

  8. Dude, when I first saw crocs, I thought they were some type of cast for broken feet and that the holes in the crocs were to keep the feet ventilated so that they do not stink. LOL - they irritate me so much...

  9. Bro, you give good advice to the guys about how to deal with girls =)

  10. Kristen, your handles clip in the December Collaboration was amazing =) Since when did you pick up handles???

  11. Sure thing - of course you should feel free to call me, Shelly. Just call me after the 26th. I am in Vermont skiing until the night of the 26th. Therefore, I will be out most of the time on the slopes from now until then. Or I could give you a ring when I get back to Jersey =) Whichever one.

  12. Girl, I told you! ^_^ After two months of lifeguarding with sunglasses on every day, you can clearly see a tan line around my eyes, where the glasses partially blocked out the sun's rays...leaving me with paler skin around my eyes. Yeah, laugh at me

  13. Hey Erica, how was your trip back, girl? =)

  14. Smartass, you xD

    I should have been inactive, thrown out all of my old combos and came up with entirely new ones, and then get back at you!

  15. Well, I hope that things improve with you. I have been decent - I got back home from Cornell a few days ago. I have been indulging in eBooks in my computer and of course stringing. I put out two videos in the past two weeks =)

  16. You're good at this game - how did you know the mystery stringer was me? =)

  17. Shelly, where have you been? I do not see you posting anymore T_T

  18. Hey girl - have you seen the robot chicken episode where it shows Darth Sidious' reaction to the Death Star getting blown up? Or the "Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles" episodes? So hilarious xD

  19. Hey girl, you better cut the "mediocrity" stuff out =)

  20. Hey HeeYoun-Sohn,

    happy 17th birthday =) I am not sure which new legal privileges you gain at age 17 in your state, but where I am from, you can get licensed to drive. Artistic profile picture, by the way

  21. Let's be honest, here. The majority of guys would prefer girls to be shorter than they are. We enjoy feeling able to protect girls - and it is a bit difficult if the girl is taller. Okay, I will stop generalizing about "we" as in all guys. Maybe it's just me.

  22. Andrea, may I borrow some of your photoshopping talent (and never return it)?

  23. Since you say "I am short, extremely shy until you get to know me", does that mean that once we get to know you, you will be taller? xD

  24. Hey girl, how was your thanksgiving? Mine was so ill - I barely put a dent in that turkey of mine, haha. But I guess that's also because I was eating mashed potatoes, cranberry jams, and sweet potatoes (or yams). Actually, what is the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Or maybe they're the same