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  1. If I go to the meetup, I can bring some aqua ultras for you xD

  2. How about just wife, then? xD You have been degraded from "trophy wife" to "just wife" HAHA

  3. Be my trophy wife xD

    *anticipates getting slapped*

  4. Are you on GSC like 24/7, dude?

  5. You flail too much, Lira xD

  6. Doing a weave? You look kind of confused =P

  7. Apparently, my high creative mind is running out of ways to tease you. I will give up for now >.>

  8. My lady...YOU FAIL! xD

  9. Haha nah man, I wouldn't drop those sticks for a while. I am just starting to make my own style! I still have a lot of glow left in meeeee

  10. I don't feel that I have pushed the art enough lately. So, my current emphasize is to combine handle-glowstringing with some advanced poi. I wonder what comes out of my ass next if I do that =P

  11. Thank you, thank you very much =)

    Glad that you liked it. Now you know how big of a geek that I am!

  12. Yeah okay, you're right haha - these comments are inefficient. I'll add you on AIM/MSN later on. I have much to do today =)

  13. So, what is your motivation to be an environmental studies major? Do you want to make a positive impact in protecting the environment?

  14. I still need to take a course for game theory. Surprisingly, it is not a necessary course. I am currently taking an intro course on econometrics, which is really cool stuff.

  15. Yep, if you look at the link to my facebook, you can tell =)

    Ivy Leaguers are usually modest about it, so it's hard to pick them out on GS.C

    What is your major?

  16. You go to Princeton University?

  17. You're from Central Jersey? Which part? I'm from Somerset county. There appears to be nothing interesting there - I take 2-hour train rides to Manhattan for meetups xD

  18. Here is a video:

    I was the one who got the 20.21 second solve in the 2nd half of the video =)

  19. Plenty of projects and problem sets to keep me busy. But yeah, my semester has been epic - we have a competition in cubing this Saturday and we have a lot of new members in glowsticking =)

  20. DJ Yahel is coming to Cornell to set up an electronica show =) My glowsticking friends and I are going to crash it so hard. I'll bring you footage afterwards!

  21. Orbital KniveZ signature! xD

  22. Hey Sooki, glad to see you on the forums. It's nice to put a name to a face =)