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  1. You guys just really want to blackmail me, don't you? =P Did you find that picture from the NJ meetup or the recent glowshop? By the way, how was the footage from the glowshop? I thought that Syphon is editing it?

  2. Haha, thanks? That was kind of random, but nice of you =D

  3. And shit Rai, do you only friend chicks on GSC? LOL

  4. My number is: 908-392-0871

  5. Well, of course, Shelly xD How do you like the pictures from the meetup? I posted them in the "post pics of yourself" thread =D

  6. Love muffins from Shelly! xD

  7. Hey Lana - been stringing lately? =D Are you making a clip for the all-girls video?

  8. How the heck do you have 4,000+ points? O_o

  9. Handle stringers are a rare breed for sure =D What have you been working on lately? I have been trying out some higher spin tosses - like 360s and 540s.

  10. LOL

  11. *poke*


    *poke poke*

    *poke poke poke*

    *poke poke poke poke poke*

    *poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke*

    It's the Fibonacci sequence!

  12. Hit me back if you can! Nah nah nah! xD

  13. I'll just pull out another cube. I have an endless supply, gahahaha. And in the event that I want to catch you to get my cube, I seriously doubt if you can run faster than me or that you can dodge my tickle-attacks! xD

  14. Hey dude, how do you have 3,000+ posts and zero points? LOL

  15. What up, bro? Glad that you finally registered on the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay xD

  16. The girl in your avatar doing the orbital - I'd hit that =P

  17. I wish that my computer were better so that foulplay could run on my computer T_T

  18. LOL dude, are those four seconds of my posing going into the meetup video, too? Are you sending that to Lira?

  19. Hello Miss "I may be cute but you cannot be sure because I like to be a tease by covering up half of my face and all the guys wonder about what I really look like" - how do you do today? xD

  20. I am NOT a "beautiful fiction?" How painful, ouch, my dear. xD

  21. Maybe you're hallucinating about the fact that I exist. Maybe I don't exist at all. Maybe I am a creation of your imagination xD

  22. Dear HeeYoun - final exams are biting me in the ass and I string to get away from them. How are you? =)

  23. My dear Miss Lira, it appears that a certain song by the name of "Satellite" is stuck in my head. And it's entirely vocal and contains only about half of the lyrics. Hmm, I wonder how this could be... xD

  24. You are always a lifesaver =p