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  1. When a man and woman...

  2. Thanks Pat - yours too! Looking real intense there!


  4. What up Andrei - long time no talk man. How have you been? I've still been cubing and stringing here and there =)

  5. Hacker! You're a hacker! xD

  6. Hey Danny, thanks for putting in a good word for me back when everyone else was criticizing my involvement in the glowsticking club - appreciate it =D

  7. Your clip for SOL was so sick, dude @_@

  8. You still have that there. "I am short and shy until you get to know me". So once I get to know you, you will become tall? xD

  9. Haha, why would I be mad at you? You're silly; I don't think that I could be mad at you. Been job-hunting in an unfriendly economy and now that I'm done with that, catching up on classes xD

  10. I haven't been on the forums in a while - what's up, Lana? =D

  11. Haha, your response to Arius made me LOL so hard. You make me proud, Lana, always.

  12. Girl, I see you be stunnin' on the forums =D

  13. Oh shit, melvenorc12 is admin now xD

  14. Yo Ray, congrats on making staff =)

  15. Felix, you're staff now! Congratulations, man!

  16. Looking in-style as always, aren't you, Lana? You have "Yo, I'm so much cooler than you and because of that, I am folding my arms" type of look.

  17. You should do 3-stringing with handles - six sticks total. That's like the ultimate multi-glowstick orgy HAHA

  18. Yeah okay, 3-stringing with one in my teeth HAHA

  19. Thank you! Finally, someone actually commented on the helpfulness of my handles tutorial instead how bright my damn LED sticks are!

  20. Good god, that profile picture is such a TRIP O_O

  21. It's hard to describe me in one word. AIM me =)

  22. If you are the voice of reason, what type of voice am I? =D

  23. You could try, but I am sure that it wouldn't hurt. I also took martial arts for a good few years - I should be able to block a swipe at me =P

  24. Dear Megan, I just realized that you also have a deviantART =)

    I'll find you on there!