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  1. Yep, if you look at the link to my facebook, you can tell =)

    Ivy Leaguers are usually modest about it, so it's hard to pick them out on GS.C

    What is your major?

  2. I don't feel that I have pushed the art enough lately. So, my current emphasize is to combine handle-glowstringing with some advanced poi. I wonder what comes out of my ass next if I do that =P

  3. Thank you, thank you very much =)

    Glad that you liked it. Now you know how big of a geek that I am!

  4. Yeah okay, you're right haha - these comments are inefficient. I'll add you on AIM/MSN later on. I have much to do today =)

  5. So, what is your motivation to be an environmental studies major? Do you want to make a positive impact in protecting the environment?

  6. I still need to take a course for game theory. Surprisingly, it is not a necessary course. I am currently taking an intro course on econometrics, which is really cool stuff.

  7. You go to Princeton University?

  8. You're from Central Jersey? Which part? I'm from Somerset county. There appears to be nothing interesting there - I take 2-hour train rides to Manhattan for meetups xD

  9. Hey Tifa Lockhart - I mean, Katt =) What type of drawing are you into? Pencil portrait sketches?

  10. Hey Cody, let me know as soon as those rechargeable glowsticks come in =)

  11. Badass profile picture, bro

  12. Hey girl, how was your thanksgiving? Mine was so ill - I barely put a dent in that turkey of mine, haha. But I guess that's also because I was eating mashed potatoes, cranberry jams, and sweet potatoes (or yams). Actually, what is the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Or maybe they're the same

  13. Since you say "I am short, extremely shy until you get to know me", does that mean that once we get to know you, you will be taller? xD

  14. Andrea, may I borrow some of your photoshopping talent (and never return it)?

  15. Let's be honest, here. The majority of guys would prefer girls to be shorter than they are. We enjoy feeling able to protect girls - and it is a bit difficult if the girl is taller. Okay, I will stop generalizing about "we" as in all guys. Maybe it's just me.

  16. Hey HeeYoun-Sohn,

    happy 17th birthday =) I am not sure which new legal privileges you gain at age 17 in your state, but where I am from, you can get licensed to drive. Artistic profile picture, by the way

  17. Hey girl, you better cut the "mediocrity" stuff out =)

  18. Hey girl - have you seen the robot chicken episode where it shows Darth Sidious' reaction to the Death Star getting blown up? Or the "Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles" episodes? So hilarious xD

  19. Shelly, where have you been? I do not see you posting anymore T_T

  20. You're good at this game - how did you know the mystery stringer was me? =)

  21. Well, I hope that things improve with you. I have been decent - I got back home from Cornell a few days ago. I have been indulging in eBooks in my computer and of course stringing. I put out two videos in the past two weeks =)

  22. Smartass, you xD

    I should have been inactive, thrown out all of my old combos and came up with entirely new ones, and then get back at you!

  23. Hey Erica, how was your trip back, girl? =)