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  1. *poke*


    *poke poke*

    *poke poke poke*

    *poke poke poke poke poke*

    *poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke*

    It's the Fibonacci sequence!

  2. Be my trophy wife xD

    *anticipates getting slapped*

  3. Dear Megan, I just realized that you also have a deviantART =)

    I'll find you on there!

  4. Here is a video:

    I was the one who got the 20.21 second solve in the 2nd half of the video =)

  5. Hey HeeYoun-Sohn,

    happy 17th birthday =) I am not sure which new legal privileges you gain at age 17 in your state, but where I am from, you can get licensed to drive. Artistic profile picture, by the way




  7. Smartass, you xD

    I should have been inactive, thrown out all of my old combos and came up with entirely new ones, and then get back at you!

  8. Thank you, thank you very much =)

    Glad that you liked it. Now you know how big of a geek that I am!

  9. Yep, if you look at the link to my facebook, you can tell =)

    Ivy Leaguers are usually modest about it, so it's hard to pick them out on GS.C

    What is your major?

  10. Your profile picture is so cute! xD

    And I was quite flattered that you used the picture of us two for a while - too bad that you took that one down. But this picture is cuter, so it's okay! =D

  11. -Throws cookie at Lira-

  12. *At least you're NOT dealing with that type of stupid shit LOL

  13. And shit Rai, do you only friend chicks on GSC? LOL

  14. Andrea, may I borrow some of your photoshopping talent (and never return it)?

  15. Apparently, my high creative mind is running out of ways to tease you. I will give up for now >.>

  16. Are you on GSC like 24/7, dude?

  17. Badass profile picture, bro

  18. Bro, you give good advice to the guys about how to deal with girls =)

  19. Bro, you're gonna enjoy what I've been working on, then. I've been kind of changing my style around since my July video =D

  20. But flattering ones at least