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    I like guns, and movies. I REALLY like movies, especially the Vampire kind. Speaking of vampires, have you seen True Blood? You should it's A-mazing. Also, Astrology trips my shit. Glowsticks (no really?) Rave culture, spirituality. The spirituality OF rave culture. CATS!!! I have two, they are also awesome, like children, except they don't talk back to you... And people. I love people.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the event thread! I edited the image link so it shows up for you, and approved of the calendar entry :)

  2. Name: Skwirle!!! Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: Oklahoma, southern end Interests: check the profile!! Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley, or Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. The Venture Brothers! Musical Interest: I like MOST music, well most good music. Genre really doesn't matter too much, though there are some genres that just don't have a lot of good music in them (like rap and country) Goal in the next 5 years: Learn to trade options, Go to California, and live life Goal in the next 20 years: To be a ridiculously rich Stock Options trader with 18 houses, 27 cars, 5 wives 2 children, and my own private tour bus.... What turns you on about the opposite sex: Intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. I can't stand stupid people and will not tolerate stupidity in a mate If i had a million dollars I would: Buy two hookers and an 8 ball.... no really, i'd probably quit my job and become a hermit in the woods on a mountain. After having toured around the country a little. I am good at: Can I just say "YES!". The Skwirle is awesome.. Hands down and no doubt.... But really, I'm excellent at interpreting dreams, analyzing people... I'm like a therapist without a degree Work (if applicable): Hotel staff. I make mad money I am on because: The community is nice, the layout is good, and I want to LEARN My website/picutures are located: They don't exist, I'm an "off the grid, out of trouble" kind of guy, though once I get my e-self all set up you'll all see it Describe yourself: Well. I'm The skwirle. And as such I'm bouncy, random, and little out of my mind (in a fun way). I have a tendency to engage people in random games of Paper Rock Scissors to break up monotony and uncomfortable moments. What do you do for fun? I play xbox, and the Conan MMO. Though I don't do either much. I'd be on the xbox more if I actually OWNED one. For now my account (SKWIRLE) resides on my best friends system for weekend playage. Random fact about yourself: Again, I'll say simply, YES!. Nothing is really random, is it? What you did last weekend: Got waaay to drunk, cried about the life I should be leading and the one I actually am. What yo do when you go out: Have a blast, regardless of whatever else. I'm very much in tune with Andy Kaufman's sense of humor. As to say, "it was funny to me, I don't see why none of you though so also" Are you in a relationship? No. Alas the town is filled with stupidity and whore-dom Are you looking to be in a relationship? Oh yes please! Must be Ms. Right, though. I've decided not to settle for anything less than PAR on this course.