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  1. welcome to gsc.

  2. whats going on.

  3. whats going on dude!

  4. follow the light!

  5. awesome meet up man

  6. the pain of hiting your self in the face is soo upseting lol

  7. yours is cool to. thanks man!

  8. Freakdeke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  9. if you wanna teach me some stuff threw web camera i be so happy lol

  10. trying to learn my flowers

  11. ty for the btb weave!

  12. when i get more poi down ill put a video up give me a yr lol.. i really dont know. when i see you and aden,syphonkiller, and every one else glowsticking makes me push my self to pratice every day

  13. true awsomeness keep it up man!

  14. im gonna try to make it things are coming up..

  15. Going to the event add me to the gust list

  16. whats the party we went to in brooklyn

  17. i knew you where going to say something...! lol

  18. Nope I did not crack them :)

  19. Candyball is fri which is today lol

  20. candyball is going to be my second event i ever went to lol

  21. thanks for the support i would love to see your glowsticking!

  22. rule one of glowsticking dont stick tongue outwhile glowsticking tonge can bleed ahhhh! lol