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  1. cool cool sounds good. a collab just came out btw if you wanna see it =]

  2. it's in the process...

  3. did you make any yet?

  4. sounds good =D. I'm heading out to EDC tomorrow and won't be back till sunday, but I'll message you to make sure your makin' them when I get back hahahha.

  5. lawl, yea sorry i know i said i'd come back soon, but i haven't gotten around to making those tutorials haha and i'm not coming back till i do XD within the next two weeks i'll make them and be back on here i swear :P

  6. we need more skilled stringers, come back lol

  7. where are ya man? =[

  8. ahh yes...Winter break is always good. Same ole mang...just chillen freehanding in my sleep lol...I dig your freehand vid (10.27.07)

  9. sup man. nuttin much. finally on winter break. how bout u?

  10. Whats goen on Jstudd?

  11. its not that we don't want to go mainstream, its that since glowsticking is relatively new compared to other art forms such as art (very very new in comparison), we feel that glowsticking isn't ready to go mainstream.
  12. um i wanna make this clear. we don't restrict glowsticking to adults. there's a difference between spreading glowsticking in high school and spreading glowsticking to high schoolers. there are plenty high school people here on this web site and even younger. also it's not like high school is the only place to spread glowsticking.
  13. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Jay Location: Downers Grove Style: strings, freehand, funk styles