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  1. GSC Revival Collab

    Maybe split it into a eighteen volumes with WinRAR?
  2. 5 Min Ultras

    I never bought revolutions before, but $6-7 per 10-pack seems like a great deal http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/68-6-Revolution-5-Minute-Lightsticks-10-pack.aspx Here's another website I came across a couple weeks ago, but prices seem to vary over time and also over color http://www.ameriglo.net/catalog/lighting/6-sticks Also interesting (but dat price tho): http://i.imgur.com/UHzmk5q.png
  3. Welcome back! I'm sort of in the same boat, brother. I still have a few 3+ year-old glow sticks that I haven't used up because I've been mostly busy with monotonous schoolwork (with the exception of a pair I cracked for the revival collab coming up :]). As for new moves, I'm not sure - I figure most of the talk on that has been moved to facebook groups (nonexclusive to GSC).
  4. GSC Revival Collab

    I'm down!
  5. facebook

    *Added* (My FB name is Althalos Malkyn Mooseshield) Nice to meet you. Also, you can link your FB in your profile.
  6. Welcome to gsc!