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  1. Ontario and beyond

    Now that the forums are back up and running, I wanted to start this thread to rally anyone in the area, feel free to hit me up!
  2. IT'S ALIVE!

    I wanted to throw out a a big THANK YOU, to Dave for getting the site and forums back up and running!
  3. Back into glowstringing after....4 years?

    I'm in a similar boat, took a pretty solid break but ive been grinding off the rust, it comes back eventually
  4. ask any time and I'll help if I can! as far as learning stuff goes, go at your own pace, but I would also say don't let labels like "advanced" or "intermediate" scare you away, everyone learns differently and look at it this way the whole point is for you to learn something new right? Just my thoughts on the matter. Also I've linked blow Sparrow's channel for his tech blog stuff ad the GS.C tech blog channel some of the stuff in the tech blog is pretty "simple" you might find something you like in there and the more you're exposed to the stuff the more you learn! There are a lot of videos dont be overwhelmed hope this helps. Sparrows tech blog https://www.youtube.com/user/GSCConceptSharing/videos tech blog channel
  5. not sure specifically which vids / links your talking about (link me?) but in the mean time in between time I can try to film some stuff for you if you have any questions or specific things you want to learn
  6. Completely New

    Hello welcome to the Forums!
  7. Diving back into glowsticking practice

  8. Thoughts on style

    I would actually really like to hear your thoughts on style / combo creation Melv! As far as what “style†I am trying to achieve, ideally I want to be on the lower end of the spectrum which I think I am close to now I “hit†on every second bar at around 150 bpm, I think id ideally like to drop that down to 140 but that is more dependant on the music than anything else (ps I clearly don’t have any musical training). While this is my overall speed I do try at least once per song to vary my speed (usually faster) and I do tend to drop my speed a little when I go into more complex combos. However I really try to avoid being predictable with my style so I try to use a few quick combos that at least seem complex to mix things up. Overall I value a style that has variety I try to blend complex moves with moves that “flow†(which I define as moves that feel cool when you do them) in equal parts. This is the style that I find the most impressive because first and foremost I string for myself, I try to string in a style that I would enjoy watching. Secondly I string for other stringers / poists / flow artists because I do value the feed back from people who know what they are talking about. I make my combos before hand but when I string I just go with the flow, similar to a dj set, I have all the moves but I combine them on the fly. So as far as combo creation goes, in short it depends sometimes im just fucking around and then I make a cool mistake that then gets refined into a combo, other times I will actively try to create a combo either to showcase a new move I learned, to use as a transition or to balance out my style.
  9. GSC is not dead

    Oh HAI durrr
  10. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    I agree with photon and think that a wiki/a style article system would be awesome, especially for the tutorial sections. As far as “performance†vids are concerned I think the current format works great. I also agree with what danika in that if we want to increase our online presence / traffic that we should be actively posting ( I volunteer to help in that with that, I can write articles and make vid content). With that being said I think ideally, it would be beneficial to make regularly scheduled / released vids via the youtube page with 30 - 60 sec teasers released via instagram, twitter and facebook for the videos, with links to the vids and the site. The Full vids would have comments disabled with a link to gs.c / the forums for discussion. The release schedule could be something like, Monday: performance / compilation vid Tuesday: review vid (could even just be an article) Thursday/ friday: tutorial. In an absolutely ideal world I think it would be great if gs.c put out a free hand tutorial thursday a stringing tutorial friday and a hooping tutorial saturday or something like that. That being said I realize all of this would take up so much time even if you split the work between 5 dedicated mods / people. So a lot of these vids wouldn’t have crazy editing, simple straight cuts would be great and again these vids would all probably be 5 mins or less part of this is to keep in line with what IMO is the trend right now of news bites / clip vids where people don’t have the time or attention spans for 10-20 min vids anymore (this is a generalization). Similarly the articles don’t need to be the next great american novel every single week. WIth the model I have proposed it puts content creation at a premium so to speak, so for the first few weeks or until we get enough interest I think it would also be really cool if we released some of the old skool footage that people have that hasn’t made it onto the gs.c page I’M LOOKING AT YOU PHOT0N! and it’s not just him, I’m sure there are a few members with hard drives of footage that hasn’t made its way online yet. EDIT: got a little a head of myself there ha ha, as for the whole tiny chat thing I know some people love tiny chat and it is great again if we could get something happening regularly there like what tainted transmission used to be that would be awesome
  11. GSC is not dead

    Yeah fuck using fb for things. Also I'm gonna try to start using gs.c more.
  12. Welcome to gs.c my canadian sister what part of canada you from? give me a holler if your ever in the toronto area
  13. need some help with a few tricks. Skype me?

  14. man back when i first tried to learn them no one outside of TX could do them literally took me years, and yeah now that you know them they are super easy but god those things were frustrating i recently learned oth fullbody corssers which took me waaay longer than it should have lol